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Hey there, this is Sofia Reed, your very own home and kitchen expert. I like to label myself as a home expert because I have been very fortunate enough to master the art of managing my profession as a chef for the past 5 years and an interior designer for 8 years. I’m mostly a very busy mom with three beautiful children and a loving husband, and of course, our loved by old golden retriever, Butter. My hobbies are more diversified in different sects such as Home, Gardening, Kitchen, and home décor.

If there’s anything that you need to know about me that, is I love cooking and try experimenting with different tastebuds. Especially, as a chef, I spend most of my time scrolling off social media and keeping up to date with what’s hot and trending in the culinary industry right now. I’m always busy testing out new recipes and sharing the best information I could find through my blog.

Besides that, interior designing is my main passion. I have designed many luxury apartments, offices, shops, and gardens throughout my life. Including my own home, I am very specific to what I like, and depending on my environment, I tend to opt for creative ideas that are not only an eye-grabber but also is very suitable to my environment. A fun fact about me and my family is that our mood keeps on changing now and then depending on the latest trends. I personally really love being in tune with trends and so I keep on re-designing and renovating my garden and home. Trying out different ideas and techniques helps me figure out the best possible ways which will help with elevating a home. This brings me to my title as a Home-expert.

Nevertheless, I’m not a self-proclaimed expert. The only reason why I like to introduce myself like that is that I have spent most of my life in the culinary and interior designing field. This has helped me bring out the best in me and I like to share my knowledge in these fields with my audience. I consider myself a lifestyle blogger and an artist who likes to innovate new things with a lot of ideas flowing on my mind.

I started with authoritylifestyle, from deciding which floor cleaner is best to find out what kind of pan should be used for your steak, you can always trust me because my advice is not from empty space. I test things myself to prove them true and share these cute hacks with you on this blog.

I hope you got a gist of me and my life by reading this information. Hoping to be able to be of any help with my shared knowledge on this blog.

Thank you so much for giving your time in and reading it.

Peace and Blessings!!