Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet?

Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet

Can you flush tampons down the toilet? Well, the answer is a definite no. Tampons are made of cotton. And things like cotton balls, Q-Tips, cotton are not safe to flush. You will be surprised to know that even cotton toilet paper does not break. All they do is start to clump together and clog your toilet, which can cause serious problems.

So, now you might ask what I should do instead. You are probably not the only person wondering about this; it is normal.

To some people, flushing a tampon seems like the easiest option, but it should not be done at all. Many public places have signs not to flush any sort of sanitary napkin products down the toilet.

Also, many experts worldwide have said that a tampon should not be flushed under any circumstance.

What do tampon brands have to say about this issue?

Most tampon companies add a note which says, “DO NOT FLUSH THE TAMPONS.” So we understand that if the brands are saying no to doing this, there must be a good reason behind it.

Tampons cannot be broken or processed by wastewater treatment facilities, and they can cause damage to the septic system.

So the proper way to discard tampons or even sanitary napkins, in general, is to toss them in a waste container.

What is all the fuss about flushing a tampon?

What Is All The Fuss About Flushing A Tampon?

Many people often say stuff like “tampons are small, how much harm can they do anyway?” or “what if I am in a hurry and cannot find a waist bin?”

Neither of these questions justifies having to flush a tampon. No matter how small the tampon is, it will still clog, and you must face the consequences. The main reason tampons cannot be flushed is that they do not break down in the system.

The only three things you can flush are pee, poop, and paper. Many workers in wastewater treatment facilities have said that they have seen intact tampons come up. Tampons do not break down like toilet tissues.

Can you flush tampons down the toilet?

The best way to dispose of a tampon is to wrap it in toilet paper and throw it in a garbage can. Make sure you throw away the tampon applicator as well.

Below I will mention some FAQ and their and answers to whether you can flush tampons or not.

1. What if it is just one tampon? Would that do any harm?

Ans: Imagine this, you are at the movies or a friend’s house, and there is no waste bin there. So you only have two options, either to flush it or wrap the bloody tampon in paper and get out of the bathroom and throw it in the kitchen garbage can.

Many people in this situation flush the tampon because nobody wants to come out of the stall with a tampon in their hand.

Menstruation is a regular thing. But many girls hide it because that is what they have been taught. This results in hesitation towards asking for totally natural items like tampons, a garbage can, etc. Many people get super uncomfortable to even hear about menstruation.

So we understand that a situation like this might cause you to flush, or you could switch to reusable sanitary products like reusable panties or menstrual cups.

2. How you can help the environment by decreasing sanitary waste?

Ans: I am sure most of us would be interested in using reusable products. Many people who menstruate have even agreed to this beautiful idea.

There are some ideas on what you can use instead of stuff like pads or tampons etc.:

  •  Using reusable products like menstrual cups and period panties: Tampons 100% are less harmful but still a hazard to the environment. And if you want to cut down on the use of plastic, then you can stop using tampon applicators.
  • Responsible manufacturing should be done: Many tampon companies label their products as “flushable,” which is false. They want to avoid the responsibility of sustainability. At the same time, they should adequately label their products and give ideas on the safe disposal of tampons.

3. Menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of

Ans: It is not the fault of menstruators regarding the horrifying impact of menstrual waste on the environment. They are trying to choose the best products for themselves and the environment as well.

We should also speak up about the silence and social stigma about the period. Many people think that they have to stay quiet and invisible when they are on their period. However, that is not the case at all.

The simple way that it can be made accessible for all of us is to provide trash cans inconvenient places and what we can do is choose sustainable and reusable products instead.

How do tampons effect the environment?

Tampons take several months to break down. This means they are still intact when they make their way down the pipes into treatment facilities when you flush them. 

Besides, waste that cannot be treated end up in rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, etc. This is a lot of damage to the environment.

Items that cannot be flushed can also clog your property and sewage pipes at some point.

So what is the safest way to dispose of tampons?

What Is The Safest Way To Dispose Of Tampons?

Tampons cannot be recycled. So Authority lifestyle say’s the best way of disposal of tampons is to throw them in the garbage. 

If you are in a place that does not have garbage bins, then you can purchase discreet disposal bags from Amazon or eBay and put your tampon in there, and throw it when you find a waste bin.

If you are not comfortable with either of these options, then you can always opt for reusable products like period panties and cups.


So now we understand that if you can flush tampons down the toilet or not.

It’s incredibly harmful and unsafe. This affects public sewers, which are then fixed with your tax dollars. Besides, products that do not break downwash out in the sea, harmful to the environment and planet.

So choose biodegradable products. You can check out our other related articles like Can You Flush Condoms and How to Clean Baseboards.

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