Can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on

Can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on

If you are a tech-savvy homeowner, I am sure you know the benefits of having a solar cover. However, a very common question is Can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on? The answer is a definite yes.

Solar covers can help to retain the heat from your pool pump and at the same time keep the pool water clean. The solar cover is a very convenient item to have for pool owners. It’s reasonably priced and can also save you time and money.

The best part about keeping your pool cover on is that it doesn’t in any way stop or hinder the pool pump from circulating the water or carrying out its function. In reality, having a pool cover on decreases the amount of time the pump needs to run and, as a result, increases the pump’s lifespan.

How Does A Solar Cover Work?

For many pools, solar coverings are a must-have item. They’re large pieces of plastic that cover the pool to prevent dirt from settling in the water and keep it clean. They’re also useful for pool maintenance since they reduce heat absorption and dissipation, which is not only excellent for your health but also helps keep the water in the pool conserved for future use.

A blanket is another term for a solar cover. The use of a solar cover absorbs heat during the day and keeps the water temperature from dropping at night. A sun cover also improves the efficiency of the chemical compounds in the pool. They are low-cost, long-lasting products that do a lot for pools. They not only provide weather insulation, but they may also save you money by lowering water heating expenses and minimizing moisture loss. Furthermore, unlike many other pool coverings, solar covers are resilient to mold growth.

While solar covers are designed to survive for years, they, like all other pool components, require regular maintenance. Cleaning your investment in a routine manner is one of the most crucial matters you can do to safeguard it. Cleaning the solar cover may be done in a variety of ways, but one of the least intrusive is lightly sweeping off dirt stuck to the surface using a pool brush or whisk broom.

Can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on?

The solar cover keeps the pool water warm, prevents debris from forming, and reduces water evaporation. While the pump is operating and the solar cover is on, there is no problem. The water section covered by the solar cover, on the other hand, remains warmer than the rest of the water.

The solar cover assists in stirring the warm and cold water when the water pump is running. So, can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on?

The short answer is yes. It is very conveniently safe to run your pool pump with a solar cover on. The pump only affects water beneath the surface whereas, the solar cover sits on top of the water surface. This means that having the solar cover on will not impact the performance of the pump.

When is the best time to run a pool pump with the solar cover on?

To begin, you must determine when the pump will be required to run for an extended period of time. If you’re fresh to this circumstance, make a note of the following times:

After you’ve added chemicals to your pool, you’ll need to run the pump for 24 hours to filter them out. After shocking the pool, you can replace the solar cover, but be sure the chemical compounds are no longer present in the water.

If the water in your pool is hazy, operate the pump for 24 hours to clean it. When you have relatives and friends around and the pool is used frequently, switch to the pump.

In the winter, you may keep the pump running to keep the water warm and prevent the piping from freezing.


  • A solar cover absorbs the thermal energy from the sun during the daytime and transfers it directly onto the surface of the water.
  • Solar covers can protect the pool from direct sun exposure and therefore limit water evaporation. This is a  huge advantage for pool owners who want to avoid spending extra money on filling up the pool.
  • Possibly the most noticeable advantage of having a solar cover is diminished maintenance. It will keep out debris and also help out the filtration system.
  • Solar cover can also prevent critters from getting into your pool. These small animals tend to use pools as a drinking source and end up drowning or dirtying your pool water.
  • The solar cover prevents chemical loss from your pool. They help maintain the pH balance of your pool by reducing evaporation.
  • Sediment and grime are also kept out of the pool with the use of solar pool covers. The sun cover prevents trash and algae spores from entering the water. This dramatically extends the life of your pool and decreases the amount of regular maintenance.
  • The warmer water beneath the solar cover will be able to mix with the cooler water at the base of the pool while the pool pump is working, resulting in an equal temperature of the water throughout the pool. How fast does a solar cover heat a pool? Find out more in our other article.


  • When compared to other pool management gear, the cost of a solar cover is quite expensive. Furthermore, they are incredibly difficult to move from one location to another.
  • These solar coverings are similar in size to others. They’re designed for medium-sized pools, thus they won’t fit in any tiny or large pools.

Additional Tips

  • After adding chemicals, it’s recommended to keep the cover open. Leave the lid open for at least two hours after you’ve treated your pool to let any gases formed by the treatment escape. For their safety, make sure no minors are diving in your pool while you leave it this way.
  • Professionals in your region and your sector may frequently assist maintain your system working effectively by providing a number of services. Have them inspect your pool system at least once a year.

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Q1. Should I cover my pool every night?

Answer: Covering a heated swimming pool at night will reduce heat loss. If your pool depends on the sun for heat, covering it at night will prevent it from losing all the heat overnight and still keep it warm enough to swim in the next day.

Q2: How long can a solar cover be left in a pool?

Answer: The solar cover turns sunlight into a temperature that may be used. The pool can be heated in 12 hours at this heat.

Q3. Where should I store my solar cover when not in use?

Answer: Usually solar covers come with a storage bag. It is recommended that you keep the bag in a cool, dry place away from where it might be attacked by rodents. Higher temperatures can harm the cover’s bubbles and weaken the cover. Try to keep the covers at temperatures lower than 120F.


Can you run a pool pump with a solar cover on it? Yes, it is true! Running the pool pump when the solar cover is on the pool is entirely safe.

I hope that your question has been answered and that we have helped you understand the benefits and drawbacks of using a solar cover in a pool, as well as the maintenance and operation of a pool pump. The solar cover does not obstruct the pump’s water movement and does not become sucked into the skimmer. You may save time and money on pool upkeep by operating the pump with the solar cover on it.

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