Does Coffee Make You Short

Does Coffee Make You Short

Enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage and suddenly wondering does coffee make you short? To clear your confusion, no, coffee does not make you short. Caffeinated drinks are quite good for your health if you consume them in the right amounts. Coffee is undoubtedly the most favorite beverage of many because of its delectable taste and exquisite flavor. What most people might not know is, coffee is actually beneficial to health.

The versatility of Coffee

The Versatality in Coffee

Coffee is one of the most diverse drinks with numerous variations available. The taste and flavor vastly vary due to different kinds of beans, the roasting process, and the drink itself.

The Prominent Coffee Beans: There are three kinds of coffee beans that are commonly available

  • Arabica: Most commonly available all over the world despite being hard to cultivate. Embodies a naturally sweet taste due to containing sugar.
  • Robusta: Easier to grow and maintain than Arabica. Has a sharp bitter taste and is quite high in caffeine. Suitable for all kinds of drinks, starting from mocha to a cappuccino.
  • Liberica: Originally found in Ethiopia, this is the type of beans that has the most exotic taste. Some people say that it has a smokey or nutty taste while some say that it has a floral flavor.

The coffee beans can be roasted in four ways:

  • Light Roast: As the name suggests, a light roasting process that does not take much time. The beans are high in caffeine count.
  • Medium Roast: Beans that are roasted in this process are quite neutral in terms of flavor and have a nutty hint to them.
  • Dark Roast: These beans have a strong bitter taste. They are usually used to prepare espresso shots.
  • Extra Dark Roast: Takes the longest among all kinds of roasts. These beans are quite burnt and bitter with a spicy note of flavor.

The beans can be ground and brewed in different ways too. They can be a coarse ground mixture or a finely done blend. Brewing your coffee can also be tiresome if you don’t know the right way to do it. But once you are done with grinding and brewing your coffee, this is where the fun begins! You can personalize your coffee in any way by adding your choice of condiments. You can never run out of options when it comes to coffee beverages!

If you want to lessen the hassle and ensure a perfect coffee drink, buying a Cuisinart coffee maker is highly recommended!

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Does Coffee Make You Short?

Does Coffee Make You Short

A frequently asked question is does coffee make you short or does coffee hinder your growth. According to science, coffee plays no role when it comes to physical growth. Your growth solely depends on your genes and perhaps healthy eating habits. Some exercises can help you to fasten your growth rate. Your coffee consumption will not affect your bodily growth in any way.

Can Coffee Prove To Be Harmful To Kids?

Can Coffee Prove to Be Harmful to Kids

There is no particular disclaimer when it comes to kids drinking coffee but one should always be careful. Coffee increases body function and helps you to become reenergized but too much caffeine can cause stress for kids. Your kid may suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity if they consume too much coffee. So, make sure to limit your kids’ caffeine consumption for healthy growth development.

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Is Coffee Beneficial To Your Health?

Is Coffee Beneficial to Your Health

Coffee is as good for your health as it is delicious. Some of the health benefits are:

  • Boosts Energy: Coffee works great as a stimulant. Starting your morning with a cup of espresso will keep you energized through your daily chores!
  • Reduces Fatigue: After a long tiring day, a cup of refreshing cold brew or iced coffee will definitely make you feel better. It will also help to restore your spirit!
  • Increases Metabolism: Coffee increases your metabolism rate and helps you to digest well. It might also help you to get burn that extra bit of calories.
  • Upgrades Physical Performance: Coffee reenergizes you and helps you to work better. If you are looking for a way to increase your productivity, having a cup of coffee will definitely help!
  • Supplies Necessary Nutrients: Caffeine includes many vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your body functioning. You can get a boost of vitamin B and potassium from a cup of coffee. It also provides your body with many antioxidants.
  • Prevents Diseases: Coffee can prevent or lessen the risk of many diseases. People who drink coffee regularly have a significantly low risk of being affected by type 2 diabetes. They might also be remarkably safe from the risk of suffering from dementia and liver problems.

Through the discussion above we can conclude that coffee is highly beneficial to health and developing a habit of consuming caffeinated beverages might actually prevent many diseases.

Demerits Of Drinking Excessive Coffee

Demerits of Drinking Excessive Coffee

While drinking coffee has its own benefits, consuming caffeine excessively might harm your health in many ways:

  • Lack of Sleep: If you have an exam the next day coffee will undoubtedly keep you awake and energized. But drinking too much coffee can cause mild to extreme insomnia. To maintain a healthy sleep cycle, limiting your coffee consumption is a must.
  • Anxiety: Since coffee increases your energy, it may also cause hyperactivity if not consumed safely. A person might feel anxious and excessively alert if they drink too much coffee.
  • High Blood Pressure: If you drink coffee in a large amount, it might increase your heart rate to an abnormal extent which is extremely harmful. To prevent the risk of having high blood pressure, drinking coffee to a limited amount.
  • Headache: As coffee might cause a lack of sleep, it can also cause headaches. A bad headache can affect your entire schedule and prevent your productivity.

So, even though coffee does not make you short, it may cause some health issues if you drink too much of it.

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Coffee, just like any other thing, has both advantages and disadvantages. If you limit your caffeine consumption according to your body and diet, it will surely benefit your health. But if you drink coffee recklessly, you are bound to face health issues. Make sure to do your research and figure out the right amount of caffeine for your body. Controlling caffeine intake is definitely a healthy habit. Enjoy your favorite coffee beverages but ensure your good health first!


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