How Long Do Coffee Beans Last – Guide In 2022

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last

Wondering if your coffee beans are safe to consume? This article will answer all your questions, starting from how long do coffee beans last to how to store them! Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages across the globe.

Due to its diverse taste and numerous variations – it has become people’s irreplaceable beverage of choice. Around 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every year, this tremendous popularity has led the coffee industry to become one of the highly profitable ones.

Variety Of Coffee Beans

Variety of Coffee Beans

The taste and flavor of the coffee depend extensively on the quality of the beans. There are three kinds of beans that are commonly found-

  • Arabica: The most extensively available coffee beans, were originally produced in Ethiopia but now are found all over the world. The presence of natural sugar gives these beans a slightly sweet taste. Even though this type is the most prevalent one, it is quite hard to produce and maintain.
  • Robusta: The second most available beans, easier to produce than the aforementioned one since these are resistant to disease. High in caffeine, quite strong in flavor – these beans are perfect for any coffee beverage, be it a cold brew or an iced coffee!
  • Liberica: This is the most diverse kind of beans as it has an unusual taste. The taste and flavor might appear nutty or smoky to some. Some have even claimed that it has a floral flavor. Only found in Malaysia and the Philippines once, these beans are now available across the globe.

Types of Roasts: In order to make coffee beans last long, you need to roast them with precision and care. The four types of coffee roasts are –

  • Light Roast: This contains high levels of acidity and caffeine and takes the least amount of time to be done.
  • Medium Roast: Takes slightly longer time than the previous one, has a nutty flavor.
  • Dark Roast: Low in caffeine count but stronger in flavor than the other two roasts. Also has a slight hint of spiciness.
  • Extra Dark Roast: Requires a lot of time and a lengthy process. Contains the least amount of caffeine but has the strongest and the most bitter taste.

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last


  • Usually, roasted coffee beans stay well for about two to three weeks after their being roasted. If you want to keep them fresh for longer, make sure to store them in a non-transparent, air-tight container.
  • Dark roasted beans go bad faster than light roasted ones. It is because dark roasts oxidize at a higher speed. Lightly roasted beans can provide delicious coffee for about six weeks.
  • If you store the beans in a vacuum-packed container and seal it properly, you can enjoy perfect coffee for up to twelve months.
  • If you choose to freeze the beans, they may remain consumable for almost 2 years. But the flavor and taste might decrease so it is not the ideal thing to do.

Why Do Coffee Beans Go Bad

Why Do Coffee Beans Go Bad

  • Oxidization: If exposed to open air, the beans may oxidize can become stale quickly. Ground coffee can lose it flavor as quickly as in fifteen minutes. According to research, dark roasted beans are more prone to oxidization than light roasted ones.
  • Moisture: Coffee beans are meant to be stored in dry places as exposure to the slightest moisture or wetness can cause the beans to go bad. If they are exposed to moisture, coffee can go bad overnight.
  • Light: Being left open or exposed to immediate sunlight can harm the beans. This is why storing coffee beans in an opaque container is highly recommended!
  • Temperature: Coffee beans need to be stored at an optimum temperature. If the environmental temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the taste and flavor of the beans. Freezing the beans or keeping them close to the stove isn’t ideal and should be avoided as much as possible.

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How To Determine If The Beans Have Gone Bad?

If the beans look dull and bland, chances are they are stale. A great way of determining if the beans are good or not is to test the smell.

Freshly roasted coffee beans embody a strong caffeinated fragrance. While buying ground coffee, make sure to check the expiration date. You can grind the beans on your own using a Cuisinart coffee maker at home to ensure fresh coffee!

How To Store Coffee Beans

How to Store Coffee Beans

After getting to know how long coffee beans last, let’s see how we can store them:

  • Pick an airtight container to store your beans, make sure they are completely dry before keeping them away.
  • Keep your coffee beans in a dark, cool place. Make sure they are not exposed to direct light – be it sunlight or an artificial light source.
  • Always check the expiration or “best before” date before buying your beans. To make sure they are fresh, test the smell or check for any oil residue. Freshly roasted beans release oil.
  • Make sure to buy the right amount of beans. Buying beans excessively is a bad idea since they lose their flavor with time.
  • Freezing your beans might be a good idea if you do it right away. But bear in mind that frozen beans might not contain the original delectable taste. While storing beans in the refrigerator, make sure you’re keeping it separate from the other food or they might extract an unpleasant smell.
  • You can grind your beans to store them. Keep the ground coffee away from moisture and consume it while it’s good!
  • If you choose to roast your coffee, always make sure they’re properly done. Roasted coffee lasts longer than raw ones!

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Coffee is a delicious and flavorful beverage and tastes best when it is fresh. So if you want to experience a cup of perfect coffee, avoid storing the beans or the ground for a long time. No matter if it is a morning espresso or an evening iced coffee – fresh is always the best!


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