How To Clean a Braided Rug

How To Clean a Braided Rug

As pretty as braided rugs look, cleaning them is also elbow grease; which is why knowing how to clean a braided rug properly comes in handy for those who own one. Braided rugs of different colors and fabrics have been a traditional ornament for homes for generations. Their colorful and eye-catching designs, warmth, durability, versatility, longevity, etc.

Make them one of the top choices among different types of rugs to this date. Especially, handcrafted rugs by our ancestors not only hold sentimental value but have always added a personal touch to the home they are placed in. To keep our favorite braided rugs in good condition, taking care of them is a must. And this is where today’s article on how to clean braided rugs comes to use.

In this article, we will be telling you about the different ways you can implement cleaning a braided rug without damaging the rug’s braids. And we will be discussing in-depth the steps on how to clean braided rugs by the easiest method to follow at home. So, let us get into the article.

How to clean a braided rug

There are different methods of cleaning a braided rug by yourself. You can use mild detergents, white vinegar, soap, etc. to clean your rug. Because of the sensitivity of braided rugs towards adherence, using white vinegar as a cleaning solution is the safest choice.

If it’s a new rug, make sure you always check the packaging of your rug for cleaning instructions. Let us now take a look at the steps that are to be followed to clean a braided rug properly without damaging its fabric.

Step 1: Checking for stitching breaks

Checking For Stitching Breaks

Braided rugs are made with millions of stitches braided together. This makes them vulnerable in the sense that, if any one of the stitches breaks or tears, the rug will slowly start to loosen up and ultimately get damaged.

That is why checking for stitching breaks before you start cleaning your braided rug is important. If your rug is intact, you can proceed with this method of cleaning.

But if not, you will have to opt for a lighter or gentler scrubbing instead of a thorough cleansing as it may damage the stitches of your rug further.

Step 2: Beating the rug

Since braided rugs have extremely adhesive stitching, dirt easily accumulates within them if not cleaned regularly. A tried and true method of cleaning this layer of dirt out of braided rugs is to beat the dirt out of them. To do so, take your rug outside your home or to the balcony and hang it over the clothesline.

Use a rug beater (a wired tool with a wooden handle) to beat both sides of the rug alternatively. Make sure you tumble the rug often. This method helps to get the dirt, dust, and debris out of your rug. You can also use a broom if you do not have a rug beater.

For those of you who have a delicate braided rug, you can vacuum your rug with non-rotatory brushes to remove the layer of debris.

To prevent dirt from accumulating in your braided rug, it is better to vacuum, beat or at least tumble your rug regularly instead of doing it just when you decide to clean or wash the rug.

Step 3: Scrubbing the rug

Scrubbing the rug

After you have successfully removed the loose dirt from your rug, it is time to scrub it clean. Prepare a solution in a bucket using water and white vinegar at a ratio of 1:1.

Make sure you test out the solution beforehand on proxy clothing or a hidden part of the rug to avoid risks of discoloration or stitching breaks. Lay the rug flat on the floor and gently scrub it using the solution of water and vinegar.

Keep scrubbing the rug until you start seeing dirty liquid concoctions. This indicates that the dirt trapped deep in your braided rug is starting to come off.

Using regular soap as a scrubbing solution may not be the ideal choice here because of the wicking property of braided rugs which tends to trap the soap inside the rug fabric.

Step 4: Rinsing with high-pressure water

Rinsing with high pressure water

After you have scrubbed off all the dirt from your rug, rinse it by spraying the rug with a high-pressure hose pipe or pressure washer. If you have neither, put it under the bathroom or shower tap and run it at full speed.

This high pressure is necessary because it helps to wash away the cleaning solution as well as any additional dirt or debris that may remain within the rug fabric, which the rug tends to store otherwise.

If you think following this step is not possible at home, you can take your rug to any local car wash where pressure washers are available.

Step 5: Air drying the rug

Air drying the rug

Making sure to dry up the rug is just as important as properly cleaning it. Since braided rugs have a thick build, it is better to wash them on a sunny day so that they can dry up easily.

It is necessary to ensure that both sides of the rug have dried up completely before you place them inside your home again. Keep an eye on your rug to notice signs of wicking.

Because if your rug is not cleaned and washed properly, the remaining dirt, soil, or cleaning solution can cause the rug’s wick.

If you feel like your braided rug is smelly even after a good wash, you can sprinkle baking soda on your rug, let it sit for some time and then, brush it off to take away the smell.

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Final words

Now you know all about the process of cleaning a braided rug at home. Braided rugs are beautiful to look at but also require careful maintenance to preserve their beauty.

Follow the steps mentioned in our article properly, and you should have a perfectly clean braided rug, after every wash.

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