How to Clean a Standing Fan – In 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean a Standing Fan

Standing fans, also known as pedestal fans, are one of the most useful inventions of modern science. These devices can provide you with cool, comforting air any time you want as long as you have access to electricity. As convenient as these fans are, they might be slightly tricky to clean. Wondering how to clean a standing fan? This article will surely provide you with all the necessary information!

What is a Standing Fan

A standing fan is an electric fan that is set up on a pole that is attached to a base or a pedestal. So, they are also referred to as pedestal fans. These fans are portable and quite convenient to use on a hot summer day. The fan heads can rotate 180 degrees and circulate air on all sides. You can even select the speed by pressing the buttons.

Standing fans can provide you with comfort anywhere, anytime! These are also budget-friendly and easy to operate.

Components of a Standing Fan

Components of a Standing Fan

While things may vary a little due to different brands available in the market, a standing fan is typically made of the components that have been stated below:

  • Blade: These are the fan blades that circulate at a high speed and blow air. A standing fan can have multiple blades, the number varying due to different brands. The blades are usually made of stainless steel or some other kind of metal and can be quite harmful to physical touch when they are spinning.
  • Motor: The motor is the most essential part of a standing fan as it keeps the device alive. A fan can never function properly if its motor is unwell. The motor uses electricity and spins the blades.
  • Extendable Pole: This is the pole that carries the fan head. The pole can be adjusted as per need which allows the fan to flow air anywhere you want.
  • Front and Rear Grille: These are the protective guards that cover the fan blades. The grille has little spaces in between that ensure perfect passage for air.
  • Control Box: This is the part that carries all the switches and buttons. You can control the rotation or the speed of the fan using these buttons. Be it a hot summer day or a windy winter night, you will always be comfortable if you have a standing fan at home!
  • Pedestal or Base: This part helps to keep the fan standing strong at any place. The base attaches the pole and plays a role in the portability of the device.

How To Clean a Standing Fan

How to Clean a Standing Fan

You might think that maintaining a standing fan is quite hard but if you follow some simple steps, you will never have to worry about how to clean a standing fan.

  • Unplugging the Cords: The first and foremost step is to make sure the switches are turned off. Turn off all kinds of electrical connections of the fan and unplug the cords. Always ensure this step first to prevent accidents.
  • Removing The Grille: After you are done unplugging, it is time to dismantle your fan. Carefully detach the front and rear grille from the fan head. This task might require you to take out some of the screws.
  • Dissembling The Blades: Once the grille is removed, slowly start unscrewing the blades. You would need to unscrew the centerpiece first to take the blades apart. Keep an eye on your fingers because the blades might be sharp!
  • Clearing the Dust: Clearing the dust might be a difficult task to do manually so you can use your vacuum cleaner to lessen the struggle. The blades usually have the most dust so pay attention to that. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can always wipe the dust away.
  • Washing the Blades and Grille: If wiping the dust isn’t enough, you can wash some of the parts by running dishwashing soap through them. Always read the manual and follow the instructions before wetting your fan. Double-check the electrical connections before you put water on the parts.
  • Drying the Parts and Reassembling: After the cleaning process is complete, use a cloth to wipe the water away. Or you can simply leave the parts open and air-dry them. Once the parts are all dried up, reassemble your standing fan. Your fan will look just as new!

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Can You Clean a Standing Fan Without Dissembling it?

Can You Clean a Standing Fan Without Dissembling It?

If you are not familiar with the fan parts or simply don’t want to go through the struggle of reassembling, you can wipe the dust off the grill first.

Be extra careful while doing it manually. When you are done wiping it as much as you can, use a vacuum cleaner or air compressor to do the rest of the job for you. If nothing works out, you can always take it to the store and get it cleaned by experts!

Why Cleaning Your Standing Fan is Essential

Why Cleaning Your Standing Fan Is Essential

You might wonder, is it really that important to clean a standing fan? To answer your question, yes, it is absolutely necessary for your healthy life.

Our environment is quite contaminated and the air around us is filled with dust particles. These particles start stacking up on your fan blades and hinder their circulation.

The blades might also start circulating the dust and blow unclean air. Breathing in dusty air can cause you breathing problems and other health issues. So, you should always make sure your standing fan is clean and tidy before you enjoy the cool air!


Standing fans are undoubtedly one of the most convenient devices that have made our lives easy and comfortable. But even these modern devices need maintenance to function properly. To enjoy the comfortable cool air, you need to ensure the proper circulation of this fan. And to do that, you need to know the cleaning procedure.

While the cleaning process might seem a bit complicated and the device may seem quite complex, buying a standing fan is highly recommended! A standing fan will not only make your life easier and more comfortable but will also reduce your electricity bills. In the long run, purchasing a pedestal fan is definitely worth it!


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