How to Clean Dyson Filter?

How to Clean Dyson Filter?

A Dyson vacuum is a customer favorite. Not only it cleans your house, but it also filters all the dust, so you don’t breathe in any particles that you are vacuuming. However, you might think about how to clean Dyson filter. That depends on how many areas, pet hair, human hair, etc., you are vacuuming.

It doesn’t matter which Dyson vacuum cleaner you have; they’ll either come with a floppy style or a HEPA filter. These things need cleaning every few months.

But what is going to keep the vacuum in tip-top condition, you ask? In this article, I will tell you how to clean Dyson filter and expand its usage life.

Let us get into the discussion-

What’s a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and how does it function?

One of the greatest attributes of the Dyson vacuum is that it can suck everything like a magnet! It even filters the smallest of particles that we human beings can’t see.

It is an electric vacuum. The motor inside causes the brush bar to spin, which in return creates suction, and this is how it collects the dirt from hard floors and carpet throughout your house.

The air coming back enters into the filter, and then it is passed into the bin, which is attached at the end. The purpose of this filter is that you don’t breathe in any of the particles.

If you notice that your vacuum cleaners suction power decreases, then it is time to clean the filter. There may be dust particles stuck into the filter, which then gets into the motor. This will shorten the lifespan of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Dyson Filter?

A filter is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner. So let us get into it and read how to clean Dyson filter in simple and steps:

One of the very first things that you will require is a Dyson filter kit. It contains a brush tool to get rid of hair or dirt on the surface of the vacuum cleaner. There’s nothing to worry about because you can still clean the filter without the filter kit.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps for cleaning the filter:

  1. Turn the cordless vacuum off or disconnect it from the plug. It will prevent any circuit damage if there’s water spillage.
  2. Take the filter out and shake off any residue of debris or dirt. Please make sure to check the user manual before cleaning because your Dyson model may have a different way of doing it.
  3. Hold the top head of the filter and tap the lower portion against a trashcan or kitchen sink to an empty excess amount of dirt inside the filter.
  4. . Make sure to use only cold water. It helps to dislodge the muck without damaging the filter.
  5. Slowly rinse and squeeze the filter to remove the water gently.
  6. Fill the filter with warm water and shake it vertically to remove the clinging dirt on the side and crevices. Repeat this process until the water turns clear.
  7. Leave it out to dry for 24 hours. This will prevent any sort of bacteria or mold from growing on it. 
  8. After the filter is dry, you can re-fit it into your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.
Steps to follow to clean the surface

Steps to follow to clean the surface:

  1. Turn the vacuum cleaner off, unplug it and remove any attachments.
  2. If you have a brush tool, you can clean the hair and dirt from the surface or take the filter out.
  3. You can use vinegar or warm water if you are cleaning pet hair or grime on the surface.
  4. Wipe the brush bar along with all other areas, including the shaft and the casing. Make sure you get the bin and the handle.
  5. Use a clean cloth or towel to dry the surface.
  6. After it has dried, you can replace the attachments and go back to using them like before.

How often should you clean your Dyson filter?

Well, the answer solely depends on how frequently you use it and how much pet hair there is around. We recommend cleaning once a month if you use it daily.

If the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is weakening, then clean the filters. A complete filter will shorten the life span. You can also take it to the store for cleaning, maintenance, advice, etc.

Why maintaining a Dyson cleaner will extend its lifespan?

There are several reasons why a Dyson will last you a lifetime. i.e.-

  • The faster you clean the dirt and debris, the fewer chances of you having to repair or buying new parts for the vacuum cleaner.
  • Things like hair, dirt, grime, etc., will cause blockage in the pipes. So it would be best if you had your Dyson serviced every few weeks to ensure smoother airflow.
  • Food particles may cause foul odor if it gets inside the machine’s casing and airflow. Thus clean the filters regularly to avoid this.
  • A cleaner filter means having to clean the filter less; however, you still have to clean it if it fills up.

If this still does not convince you, you will be happy to know that the manufacturers or authorized centers only replace Dyson parts. The bummer here is it takes almost a week to get a replacement filter.


Now that we are at the end our article about how to clean Dyson filters, I hope this will help you. Dyson vacuum cleaners have a reputation for their quality, power, and longevity.

Although, you need to clean the filter every few weeks to ensure its strength. Clean it often if it handles a massive load at a time. If the filter is kept clean, then your vacuum will also run smoothly. You will also save money if you stick to the steps I have mentioned above. Some more topics that might be of interest are- How to Dispose of Paint and How to Clean Baseboards.

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