How to Extract Onion Juice – In Easy 5 Steps

how to extract onion juice

Onion juice has numerous health and beauty benefits and this is why knowing how to extract onion juice can be of great help.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of onion juice and the ways of extracting it using different methods.

Why onion juice is needed

As we said, onion juice has different health and beauty benefits that are hard to come by from other food sources.

We all know how the addition of something as simple as an onion to a meal can elevate the meal’s taste.

It is excellent for treating burns and insect bites as well.

Moreover, onion juice has a lot of medicinal uses including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, power to lower your blood sugar levels, etc.

Onion juice can also be used to strengthen your hair, diminish stretch marks and blemishes.

Ways to extract onion juice

A great side of onion juice extraction is that the process is not limited to a single method.
Different methods can be implemented to extract onion juice easily.

The three most common extraction methods of onion juice are:

  • By using a grater
  • By using a blender
  • By using a juicer

Depending on your preference, you can go for any one of the above methods.

How to extract onion juice

Let us now discuss in detail the steps on how to extract onion juice using different methods.

But first, make sure you have all the necessary utensils at hand.

The utensils you will need for the extraction of onion juice are:

  1. A sharp knife
  2. A functioning grater
  3. A strainer
  4. A spoon or spatula
  5. Cheesecloth
  6. Large to medium-sized bowl(s)
  7. A blender
  8. An electric centrifugal juicer

Extraction using a grater

extraction of onion juice using a grater
Extraction of onion juice using a grater

Since most people have a grater in their kitchens, extraction of onion juice using a grater is common in many households.

Step 1 Preparing the onion(s)

First, using a sharp knife, cut one end* of the onion (about half an inch).

*Keeping the other half will help you to get a better grip on the onion while grating it.

Gently remove the outermost layer of the onion using your hands or knife and wash it with water properly to remove any dirt or germ present.

Make sure not to take off the flesh of the onion while peeling it. This causes wastage.

Step 2 Grating the onion(s)

After the onion has dried, place your grater in a spacious bowl with sides.

Any type of grater can be used for this step.

  • Hold the handle of the grater with one hand and the onion in the other.
    make sure to hold the handle firmly.
  • Holding the onion by its rounded end we left out earlier, press its flat end against the holes of the grater.
  • Move the onion in an up and down motion against the grater until the whole onion is grated.

Step 3 Straining the grated onion pulp

Collect the grated pulp of onion from the spacious bowl and put it on a strainer.

Make sure you place a fresh bowl underneath the strainer to collect the onion juice.

Press the onion pulp into the strainer with a spoon or spatula.

You will see the juice dripping underneath the strainer and being collected into the bowl.

Keep pressing the pulp with the spoon until most of the juice is separated.

Do not put too much pressure as it might strain the pulp through.

Step 4 Using cheesecloth

Take the remaining pulp in the strainer and put it in the centre of the cheesecloth.

Bring the corners of the cloth together and wrap up the pulp tightly.

Hold the cheesecloth over the bowl with the onion juice and push down on the pulp to squeeze out the remaining juice.

Keep doing so until juice stops dripping from the cheesecloth.

By following this step, you are making sure you get every last drop of the juice from your onion.

Step 5 Collecting the extracted juice

Pour the extracted onion juice from the bowl into a glass and it is ready for use or to be drunk.

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Extraction using a blender

Extraction of onion using a blender
Extraction of onion using a blender

Extraction of onion using a blender is comparatively easier than using a grater.

Step 1: Prepare the onion for blending following Step 1 of the previous method.
But instead of keeping one end like before, cut off both ends of the onion and slice them into 5-6 small pieces.

Step 2: Next, put the pieces of onion in a blender and blend for about a minute or two until a thick pulp of onion is formed.

Step 3: Follow Step 3 and Step 4 of the previous method respectively and strain the pulp from the blender using a cheesecloth.

Keep pushing the pulp until every drop of juice is extracted.

Extraction using a juicer

Extraction of Onion using a juicer
Extraction of Onion using a juicer

Extraction using a juicer is by far, the easiest method of extracting onion juice.

You simply put the freshly washed and cut pieces of onion into the spout of the juicer one by one.

Place a glass or bowl beneath the dispensing spout if your juicer doesn’t come with a container, and collect the juice pouring out.

There is no need for sieving pulp as the juicer will do it for you.

It is best to use an electric centrifugal juicer for this purpose.


There are some precautionary steps you may take to prevent accidents or contamination.
They are:

  • Make sure you thoroughly wash all the necessary utensils before and after using them.
    This will help to remove the potent and long-lasting smell of onion so that it does not remain to affect the other food while using the utensils again.
  • Onion has a chemical reaction when it is being cut, which can cause your eyes to burn and become teary. To prevent this from happening, be careful while cutting the onion so that its juice does not enter your eyes.
  • Caution while using the sharp knife should be maintained as it can cause cut injuries.


Vegetable extractions can be a great inclusion in your diet if you are looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The versatile ways of using an onion have made this vegetable a staple in our everyday meals.

While intake of this somewhat stinky vegetable as it is, comes with numerous health benefits, simply having the juice of onion after extraction can be a fast and effective way to reap all its health benefits without much effort.

Onion juice also has various beauty benefits including strengthening your hair, nourishing skin and lips, etc.

As onion and potato have similar extraction methods and health benefits, you can also check out our articles on how to juice a potato and how to make potato juice without a juicer, if you want to include potato juice in your diet as well.


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