How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day

Is your peaceful sleep being interrupted by pesky bed bugs? You don’t need to worry anymore because this article will inform you on how to get rid of bed bugs and more! Bed bugs can be quite hard to eliminate as most people don’t know how to find bed bugs during the day. But simple awareness and some smart tactics will help you clean your house in no time!

What Are Bed Bugs

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that are brown in color and feed on human blood. These bugs usually bite people at night when they are asleep. You must have heard of the famous phrase “ Don’t let the bed bugs bite! “ Now, you know the truth behind it. The bites can cause rashes, itchiness, and even blisters if things get extreme.

Why Do Bed Bugs Emerge

Bed bugs can be caused by multiple reasons. These parasites might come from infested areas or furniture. Travelling is one of the prominent ways of transferring bed bugs. The bugs might hide in your luggage and other items, later being transported to another area.

In simple words, the bed bugs might travel with you. The bugs can infest in small crevices or holes in your furniture and walls. They are attracted to dirt and grime so make sure to always keep your house clean, even the narrowest corners!

Bed bugs aren’t prominently caused by an unhygienic lifestyle, rather they are spread by a dense population.

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How To Identify Bed Bugs

How to Identify Bed Bugs

You can identify bed bugs by the naked eye, they are brown in color and look like flattened apple seeds. They typically infest bedsheets and mattresses. So check your bedsheets thoroughly for any live bug or molted skin.

You can even identify the existence of bed bugs by finding small red stains on your bed, which might be caused by crushed bed bugs. Sometimes you may find nymphs or eggs that are transparent in color with a red dot in the center, indicating that they have already started feeding.

How Do Bed Bugs Affect You?

How Do Bed Bugs Affect You

Bed bugs affect you the most by interrupting your sleep and keeping you up. Lack of sleep may result in insomnia, unproductivity, and anxiety. Thus, bed bugs might ruin your entire schedule. These bugs affect everyone differently so the bites and marks vary. Usually, marks develop when you scratch the bite spots severely.

Even though bed bugs can’t harm human health directly, they can still cause significant problems such as sleep deprivation. Since the bugs feed on blood, one might also face anemia if he’s severely affected.

If you are experiencing skin rash or any allergic reaction, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor. You can apply antiseptic cream or any other moisturizer if the rash is mild.

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How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day

Even though the bugs appear and infest at night, they might not be visible in the day. If you know how to find bed bugs during the day, this will not be a problem for you.

  • Gather Equipment: Before starting your search, you need to prepare all the necessary items. Carry a flashlight for an ample source of light. A magnifying glass will give you a better and clearer vision. You can even keep an insect spray with you.
  • Identify The Presence of Bed Bugs: Bed bugs, as the name suggests, usually reside in mattresses and bedsheets. Search in your bedsheets, bed frames and other corners to find nymphs, eggs, or live bugs.
  • Check Thoroughly Through Your Furniture: Even though bed bugs primarily hide in beds, you should also look in narrow places, crevices between furniture, and all the other possible places. Look behind paintings and bookshelves. Leave no furniture unturned!

These are the ways of finding bed bugs during the day. Once you find them, it is time to eliminate them!

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Now that you know how to find bed bugs during the day, let’s see how you can terminate them:

  • Clean Your Sheets: To get rid of bed bugs, your first and foremost step is to clean your bedsheets. Make a habit of changing your bed sheets regularly. Wash and dry them properly. Never lay your bedsheet down while it is still wet as moisture can cause an infestation of bugs and parasites.
  • Keep Your Pillows Clean: Cleaning your bedsheets isn’t enough if you don’t wash your pillows and pillowcases as well. Dirty and greasy pillowcases may be the home to many insects.
  • Wash Your Plushies and Soft Toys: Bed bugs might also infest soft cotton toys and other plushies. Wash them once in a while to ensure disinfection.
  • Vacuum: Vacuum your bed sheets and mattresses to get rid of dust and small insects. Make sure to put empty the cleaner bag in the garbage.
  • Use Ziplocked Mattress Cases: Put your clean mattress and pillows in ziplocked cases which are strongly protected by zippers. This way, bed bugs can’t get inside your sheets and trouble you.
  • Fill Up Any Cracks in Furniture or Walls: Crevices and gaps among your furniture or walls as those spots might breed bed bugs and other insects. Always keep an eye out and stay safe!
  • Chemical Cleansing: If your home is teeming with pests and bed bugs, it’s better to call pest control and let them do their job. Once your house is thoroughly clean, follow the aforementioned steps to keep your place free of bugs.

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What Keeps The Bugs Away

  • Rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant that contains alcohol properties.
  • Lavender oil, these bugs are repulsed by this particular kind of oil.
  • Neem oil or extracts

And any essential oil that has a strong smell and disinfecting properties will help you to keep the bugs away.


To ensure a healthy life and sleep schedule, you need to have a clean and comfortable home. So, clean and disinfect your furniture, household items frequently to ensure a healthy environment. Bed bugs can be small in size but they can easily mess up your daily schedule. It is important to exterminate them as soon as they appear since they can breed within a very short time and expand their home.

Exterminating bed bugs only requires a few actions and you can easily implement them. Don’t be stressed if you experience bed bug bites, follow the necessary steps and they will disappear in no time!


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