How to get rid of cockroaches in toilet?

How to get rid of cockroaches in toilet?

Roaches of any variations are deemed to live in spaces that are unhygienic and where it is extremely hard to reach. They mostly initiate their habitat in the kitchen and toilets when there are a lot of edible foods lying around and spaces to live in cabinets for reproduction. Finding the solution for how to get rid of cockroaches in toilet is much more diificult.

Additionally, cockroaches are known to be one of the most hardest pests to get rid and have a reputation of carrying E-coli and Salmonella within their bodies and shedding them as dust as they crawl around you and your food.  Even if you get rid of them, their next common habitat is you toilet.

Let us explain to you how to get rid of cockroaches in toilet.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Toilet?

The most common place of cockroach infestation is where the tank of the toilet meets the bowl, you will observe and see that there is a crack or a dent, and this is what they call home.

You can also find them in underneath your toilet in the creeks and crack of your floor which connects with the toilet.

And lastly, your tank that exhibits the most moisture and the most bacteria for them to feed and reproduce on and so you cannot over look that location.

You can get rid of them easily by using a cockroach repellent that comes with a stick thin hose so that you can reach all the deep and dark spots if their habitat.

As a precaution though experts suggest using a mask during the whole process.  

If you live with cockroaches, you may feel the immediate need to use insecticide to poison them. Scientists have recently reported, however, that this approach will not work because, like it or not, roaches are highly adept at survival.

What Are Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

1. Know Where And Why Infestations Start

Before you go on the offense, you need to know where your target is, right? Infestations usually start in the kitchen, especially in those dark hard-to-clean spaces behind and under cabinets and appliances.

So make sure you keep your kitchen thoroughly cleaned before and after cooking and that no food is left out on the counters or spilled in the cabinets. Roaches are attracted to garbage, meat, cheese, sugary foods, and grease. Keep that stuff out of their reach, and they shouldn’t show up in the first place.

2. Garlic Or Cayenne Powder

On that note, there are plenty of spices with strong odors that repel roaches. You can use garlic- or onion powder, and sprinkle it in and around their favorite hangout spots. You might even mix the two together for a super pungent repellant!

3. Lemons

A lemon in half and squeeze it directly over your surfaces.  You can also mix some lemon juice with a little water in a spray bottle in order to target those hard-to-reach areas that cockroaches love so much.

The lemon juice will effectively repel these pests, and your kitchen will smell amazing too! An added bonus is that it’s also a natural disinfectant. That’s crucial since roaches carry a host of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

4. Vinegar With Peppermint Oil

Lots of insects can’t stand these two smells, roaches included. Just fill a medium-sized spray bottle with mostly vinegar, and add enough drops of peppermint essential oil so that you can smell it. Give it a shake and get to spraying. Target your kitchen and bathroom. Get the corners of your floors, all the nooks and crannies, and roaches won’t come anywhere near your house!

Other than that a pest control service is highly suggested, but how often should pest control be done.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

It depends on your location, your preference and your expectation.  However, Pest control generally offers monthly services, quarterly services and annual services and weekly services.

It truly depends on how often you want to see Pest Control or how often you want to see bugs at your house.

It depends on your pest free environment; it depends on your local environment and it depends on the time of year you are calling.

Pests have different time of the year where they flourish, for example spiders become extremely prevalent during autumn, whereas you typically see termites during the spring.

Things To Contemplate Before Pest Control

  1. Are you desiring to see absolutely zero number of bugs?
  2. Do you mind if you see remains of bugs around your house sometimes?
  3. Are your neighbours okay with your decision of pest control?
  4. Do you live in an area of agricultural ground or do you live in home packed area?

All of these questions will have an affect on how often should pest control be done.

What Are The Options Available For Pest Control Service?

Pest Control Service for Cockroaches

If you go for a monthly service, which is also known as a preventative service, it is where you are interrupting, disrupting and ultimately preventing the insect lifecycles.

Weekly services provides a proactive service and a quarterly service which is also known as a reactive service prevents the sight of slow moving pests in your house

What Are The Methods Of Pest Control?

There are many methods of Pest Control:

They are, Organismal Pest Control, Alchemical Pest Control, Biological Pest Control, Automatic Pest Control, Hygiene Pest Control.

Organismal Pest Control uses natural ingrediants such as pheromones and bait customized for your need of pests to attract and trap them in order to terminate them.

Alchemical Pest Control consists of pesticides using chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Ammonia to clean out the pests for you

Biological Pest Control, involves inspections of the habitats of the pest in your house and then using necessary methods to terminate them.

And lastly, there is Automatic Pest control, which involves setting up machines and equipment inside your house that release gases and other chemical on their own to fully deter your house from pests.

In Conclusion

Cockroaches are unappealing and definitely unhealthy, which is why getting rid of them raises no questions overall. Following our guide on how to get rid of cockroaches in toilet will not only be a breeze for you but also beneficial for your future.

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