How to Make a Slushy with a Blender? – 5 Easy Steps

How to Make a Slushy with a Blender

Finally, the bartender or cold drink section may be left behind. To make a slushy with a blender it is now easily prepared at home that gives a lot of pleasure and the ideal way to cool off in the heat. The next post will show you how to make a slushy with a blender.

Each slushie has a terrific flavor and is simple to create. To chill off by a tasty slushie, you do not require a slushie machine. It is actually rather straightforward. You can make a great slushy fully prepared to drink with just a blender and a few components, according to the taste you choose.  

This post is for you if you are interested in producing your homemade slushies.

What Type of Drink A Slushy Is?

A slushy is a chilled drink created with colored ice and a kind of liquid (usually soda). According to your tastes, it could be non-fizzy or fizzy. Omar Knedlik created this drink in the late 1950s when, since his equipment was not functioning, he opted to place his portion into the refrigerator. 

After he pulled out the drink the following day, the concoction he discovered was the slushies. He then began to market these items, which quickly became renowned. Knedlik later teamed up with John Mitchell to the slushies in mass amounts back in 1960. It is now a famous chilled beverage available in certain stores but primarily at festivals. 

How To Make A Slushy With A Blender?

It is very simple to make a slushy with a blender like making ice cream with a blender. You will just need around 5 to 10 minutes to finish all of the processes. We will demonstrate how to make slushies using Coke and a blender in this first recipe. To finish the dish, you will need the essential items.

How to Make a Slushy with a Blender

Ingredients Required

  • Club Soda: Club soda is just carbonated water with a grain of salt and no additional sweetness. You may replace the club soda with soda slushy tastes with diet drinks like sprite zero, diet coke or any other diet soda accessible wherever you reside.
  • Chilled Water or Fruit Juice: You may use any kind of fruit drink or chilled water. For color variance you may prefer to make orange slushies using orange juice, red slushies with red juices like strawberry juice or violet raspberry juice, and pink slushies with beetroots.
  • Powdered Sugar: For making sugar-free slushy, you may just use powdered sugar; for instance, sugar-free erythritol, white sugar, or even coconut sugar.
  • Drink Mixing Powder: The same goes with drink mixing powder. Any brand of drink mixing powder will do. Some of them are healthful than the others, and certain drinking mixtures are sugar-free to prevent sugar excess. You should make wise choices and explore with taste and appearance to create the slushy bloom.  Using blueberry powdered drinks, we adore producing blue slushies. One can prepare a Kool-aid slushy with Kool-aid powdered drinks, however it is not the most rational choice, so one should better avoid it.
  • A couple of glasses of ice cubes: You can adjust the quantity of ice cubes to keep the slushy frothier.

1. Preparation Ahead Of Time

Put 3 cups of soda drink into a shallow deep dish. Place your dish in the refrigerator for around 4 to 5 hours afterwards. The soda drink should be able to frost in this amount of time. If this is not the situation, place the soda drink in the refrigerator for a few minutes more till it is entirely frozen.

2. Combine All The Ingredients Into The Blender

Place the blender in the middle of the room and put in the chilled Coke. Later, put a platter of ice chunks to the mixture. If you want a sweeter beverage, a little of sugar can be added.

3. Mix Everything In A Blender

Set the blender at high speed and combine all of the ingredients. Blenders like Magic Bullet will help to make a slushy perfectly. Continue to mix till you are happy with the consistency of the drink. Slushies with an extremely perfect frozen consistency are the greatest.

4. If Necessary, Apply Some Decoration

To provide a gist of flavor to the slushy, put them into the glass and top it using two cherries. Just add extra ice chunks to the solution if you like a thicker consistency.

5. Take A Sip!

It is time to finish your slushy! It is advised that you consume it as early as you finish the procedures in order to get the greatest consistency out of your drink.

Fruit-Infused Slushy

Fruit-Infused Slushy

The following is a list of the items you will need to make this drink:

  • 1 quart ice
  • 2 cups fresh fruit, chopped (depending on your preference)
  • Water (either still or carbonated)
  • Mint is a flavorful herb (optional)

1.Keep Proper Care Of Your Fruits.

Clean and slice the fruits you’ll be using to make this slushy. To make the blending process easier, chop them into little chunks.

You may use whatever fruit which you choose, depending on your preferences. To get a greater taste, combine two distinct fruits. After cutting the fruits, ensure that you have minimum two cups.

2. In A Blender, Add The Ingredients.

Place the sliced fruits and a cup of cubes of ice into a blender and pulse until smooth. After you’ve blended things together, pour water, either still or sparkling according on your preference. To guarantee optimal refreshment, it is ideal to add chilled water. Throw few mint leaves over the top if you wish to give a unique touch!

3. Mix Everything In A Blender.

Mix all of the items on high power till every chunk of fruit is completely mashed and the ice chunks are also smashed. Based on the consistency you like; you can pour extra water or ice cubes at this point.

Is It Possible To Include Alcohol?

Adults enjoy these cocktails as well, and if you wish to include some alcohol, such as vodka, add roughly 1/2 cup into the mixer with the rest of the ingredients. Mixing citrus powder and tequila is a summertime favorite.


Slushies, unfortunately, are difficult to preserve. The crushed ice is going to melt if you leave them in the refrigerator, and they will completely freeze if you store them in the refrigerator for a longer period of time. These kinds of drinks are the best summertime beverage and to make a slushy with a blender makes everything much easier when it comes to serve your thirst. Hope you understand now, How to Make a Slushy with a Blender. You can easily try to make a slushy with a blender. 

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