How to Organize Spice Cabinet

how to organize spice cabinet

If you are looking for a way to motivate yourself to cook, we would recommend you read this article on how to organize spice cabinet. Wondering how the two are related? Well, it has been proven time and time that having all your spices organized properly in your kitchen, pantry or cabinet not only makes the entire process of cooking easier and convenient but also elevates your enthusiasm to cook regular meals which we otherwise find monotonous.

Since cooking is a huge part of our lives, it is only natural that we should put in the time and effort to keep all our spices, produce, and utensils organized for easy access and use.

Keeping your spices organized properly in a spice rack, in the kitchen cabinets, counter or pantry helps you to reach for them whenever needed. It allows you to be in control of all the ingredients needed during the making of a meal as well as helps you be in check of what’s in stock and which of the spices need a refill.

Furthermore, the simple act of organizing something helps to alleviate stress and makes your home look more put together. Keeping all your spices in a single place gives you a sense of control and comfort while you are in the kitchen cooking and leaves lesser room for making a mess while cooking. The benefits of organizing your spice cabinets are numerous and there are several methods you can follow to do it.

Whether you just moved into your first home with new empty cabinets or have been procrastinating cleaning up that messy cabinet in your kitchen for a while, our article on how to organize spice cabinets can be the answer to your question and motivate you enough to get the process started!

How to Organize Spice Cabinet

Let us now take a look at the various steps you can follow to organize your spice cabinet properly.

Step 1: Inspecting the area

Your first task is to inspect your kitchen and cabinets to find out all the possible locations for storing your spices.

Choosing an area close to the stove is ideal as it enables easy access while you are cooking something.

If your cabinets are small in size and do not have enough storage space, you can utilize the kitchen counter beside the stove or use drawers and a spice rack.

Step 2: Take Everything Out

Purging for Spice Cabinet

Your next step is to take out all the spices from the cabinets or other locations and put them down together in one place.

Step 3: Purging

Purging for Spice Cabinet
  • Start separating all the spices you use regularly and the ones you don’t or that have expired.
  • Spices do not usually go bad but tend to lose their potency over the years.
  • So if there is a spice that you haven’t touched in over 5 years, it is probably time to discard it.

Step 4: Cleaning the cabinet

Cleaning the cabinet
  • After you are done sorting out the spices, it is time to thoroughly clean your spice cabinet.
  • Use a clean cloth and dishwashing soap or regular detergent with water to wipe out every shelf and corner of the cabinet.
  • Once you are done cleaning the whole cabinet, let it air dry before you put everything back.

Step 5: Organizing the spices

Organizing the spices
  • Moving on to the main task, you will now have to organize all the containers you keep your spices in.
  • We recommend getting a 2 or 3-tiered spice rack if your cabinet shelf does not have enough space.
  • This will not only help to save cabinet space but also let you find all your spices together.
  • If you do not have glass or transparent jars, we will also recommend buying a bunch of these.
  • Glass jars let you see which jar contains which spice and looks very pretty too!
  • Transfer each of the spices into identical jars using a sieve.
  • Try keeping similar spices in same-sized jars.
  • Your next job is to label all these jars you kept your spices in.
  • You can use label stickers to write the name of the spice and stick it to the top or side of each jar.
  • This will help you to identify the spices easily.

Step 6: Putting the spices in the cabinet

Putting the spices in the cabinet
  • If your cabinet is spacious, keep each of the jars in a single row so that you can see all the spices and their labels.
  • Keep the most used spices on the bottom shelf closest to you and the lesser-used spices on higher.
  • If your cabinet does not have enough space, place your most-used spices in small jars on a tiered stand mentioned before and keep them on the lowest shelf.
  • This will allow you to see all your spices while taking up less space in your cabinet.
  • Use one or two revolving tables or turntables to keep the taller or uneven spice jars so that you can see all the spice jars; even the ones at the back.
  • If it still does not fit, place some of the frequently used spices on the kitchen counter in glass jars.
  • This is the easiest to reach your spices when you need them while also adding a personal touch to your kitchen top.
  • To make sure your spice cabinet stays organized this way for a long time, always place the spice back into its original place after you are done using it.
  • You should also clean out your spice cabinet often to prevent dirt and insects.
  • Put back the spices like before after you are done cleaning.

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Final Words

Now that you know all about how to organize a spice cabinet, we hope you will not delay setting up your spices beautifully any further. Keeping your spice cabinets organized helps to make the entire process of cooking organized and fast.

You are aware of where everything is, which dismisses the dilemma of which spice to buy and what not to during grocery shopping and saves your money.

And most importantly, it is appealing to the eye and convenient, which inspires you to enter the kitchen to cook everyday meals with fresh zeal, every time.

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