How to Remove a Tub Spout That Stuck – Guide In 2022

How to Remove a Tub Spout Thats Stuck

Before we jump into our article on how to remove a tub spout that’s stuck, we need to know what a tub spout is and take a look at the different types of the tub spout.

Since each tub spout has a different mode of installation, their removal processes are also different.

If you have a clear idea about your tub spout type, you will easily be able to know about how to remove a tub spout thats stuck.

What is a tub spout?

A tub spout is an essential part of the faucet. It is where the water flows out of your faucet and is typically used for bathtubs.

These rain-shower type free rainfall faucets are mounted freely and do not require faucet holes.

To counter this mechanism, you are given the freedom to change the flow rate, regulate the temperature and use handheld faucets more conveniently.

Types of tub spouts

Types of Spout
Types of Spout

The two most common types of tub spouts we see these days are:

  • The slip-on spout and
  • The threaded or screw-on spout

Slip-on spout

The slip-on spout slides over the pipe of the tub at a distance of half-inch across the copper pipe.

This spout is a setscrew spout with a screw in the undersurface of the spout.

It does not require the use of threads to assemble the slip-on onto the pipe.

But since this spout is prone to burrs and foreign bodies, special precautions must be used to prevent accidents.

Screw on spout

The screw-on or threaded spout, on the other hand, has no such screw connected.

Since it lacks a hexagonal hub, there is no use of a setscrew for this type of spout.

Other types of tub spouts include diverter and non-diverter tub spouts.

The diverter tub spout has a lever on its handle that can be pulled up or down easily to direct the flow of water from the showerhead.

The non-diverter tub spout lacks such a mechanism and the water only exists at the head.

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Reasons of a tub spout getting stuck

Reasons of a tub spout getting stuck

There can be many reasons why your tub spout may get stuck.

The most common reasons are stated below:

  • When your tub spout naturally comes to the end of its lifespan. This may occur when your diverter’s filter or connecting threads wear out. When your diverter’s filter wears out, it fails to divert the water to the showerhead. This ultimately causes your faucets to leak.
  • When the threads connecting the spout wear out, it starts leaking and/or dripping down the pipe wall. This causes damage to both your wall and bathroom fittings.
  • Corrosion is another principal reason for your tub spout getting stuck. This can happen if you have been using the same spout for a very long time or simply because its service time comes to an end.
  • Another possible reason for a stuck tub spout is calcification. Since our water supply is rich in calcium, the continuous flow of water through the faucets and taps can cause their interior to calcify and harden the tub spout.

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Tools required for removing a tub spout

Since it is extremely difficult to remove a tub spout using your bare hands, you will need the help of a few tools and accessories.

They are as follows:

  • A screwdriver
  • Razor scraper
  • Mini tubing cutter
  • Steel wool
  • Plumbing grease
  • A new slip connection tub spout

How to Remove a Tub Spout Thats Stuck

Let us take a look at the simple steps you can follow to remove a tub spout that’s stuck, on your own.

Step 1: Check the faucet

Step 1: Check the faucet to Remove a Tub Spout Thats Stuck

Before jumping into work, make sure that your faucet is not defective. If it is leaking, you need to attend to that first.

For checking your faucet’s condition, you have to search around the sink and find the screw that you need to connect the faucet. It is usually at the lower part of the faucet.
Use a flashlight if you can’t locate the screw.

Step 2: Prepare your workspace

Once you are done checking the faucet, your next step is to organize the area you will be working in.

This helps you to minimize contamination of any kind.

This step includes:

  • Wrapping a towel and securing it around the basin and/or drain to prevent unwanted odour from spreading. This also helps to avoid future leaks that may arise while working.
  • Turning off the water supply to reduce wastage of water and prevent the tub spout from leaking water when the shower is off.
  • Raising the pressure in the system by switching the control valve.
    This secures the lock and allows you to remove the spout without having to fear interruptions.

Step 3: Tool organization

Step 3: Tool organization to Remove a Tub Spout Thats Stuck

Make sure you have all the necessary tools to remove the tub spout in one place.
This will save your time and energy from having to go back and forth to grab a tool.

Check the compatibility of the taps, sprinklers and sprinkler pipes with the new fittings.
Opting for the auto-detached line adds a safety feature that helps to detect water leakage at the base of the plumbing line.

Step 4: Pulling out the tub spout

Pulling out the tub spout to Remove a Tub Spout Thats Stuck

Finally, start the process of removal by turning off the water source.

Then, turn the retaining screw in a clockwise direction with your hand.

If it is an old tub spout, turning the cam clockwise is a must.

Keep doing so until it comes loose and as long as the faucet doesn’t start leaking.

If there is resistance, try applying more pressure and turning it slightly to loosen it up.

And lastly, when the button is released, use adequate force to remove the spout.

Make sure to not apply so much force as to harm the surface.

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Alternate solution

If the method stated above does not work for you, don’t give up as there are several ways to solve this widespread plumbing issue!

Another alternate solution is narrated below.

For this method, you will need an Allen wrench, a towel, flashlight, etc.

Step 1: Checking the faucet

This step is the same as Step 1 of the first method; finding the retaining screw that connects your faucet to the main water supply.

Step 2: Taking precautionary measures

This step is also similar to that of the first method and includes the following actions:

  • Blocking the drain with a towel to prevent bad odours from impregnating the room.
  • Turning off the main water supply to avoid wastage of water and unwanted accidents.

Step 3: Spout removal

Use the Allen wrench to unhook the retaining screw by moving the wrench anticlockwise. When the screw loosens up, remove the tub spout from your wall.

This part may require the application of extra force if the spout doesn’t come off.

If there’s no retaining screw

If your tub spout doesn’t have a retaining screw and is attached to the main water source without it, place a towel on your tub spout and position your pipe wrench on it.

Then, move both your wrench and tub spout simultaneously in an anticlockwise direction until it loosens up and you can pull it out.

Using a hairdryer to remove a spout is another alternative.

The heat of the hairdryer is used to dry out the moisture that causes the spout to get stuck.

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Since there are a lot of ways to remove a tub spout that’s stuck, do not give up if one method does not work.

Keep trying until you find the solution that suits your situation best.

While our aforementioned steps and alternate solutions for removing a stuck tub spout should work successfully, you can still try out other methods if they don’t.

Having the right tools at hand and following the steps of removal correctly should be able to help you remove your tub spout, no matter how badly stuck it is.

If you think you are not sure about your tub spout type, consulting the manufacturer or a third party can be helpful.

If nothing works at all, you can always resort to seeking help from professionals or plumbing services. Get more home heck please visit our site.


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