How to Restring a Patio Umbrella

How to restring a patio umbrella

You can get shelter from the rain and sun under a patio umbrella. Therefore, it must maintain its strength while providing you with service. Sometimes umbrellas can malfunction, frequently due to faulty stringing. Your patio umbrella will need to be restringing if this occurs.

But, how to restring a patio umbrella? But we will find an easy solution. It may be costly and occasionally tricky for you if you decide to have your patio umbrella professionally restrung or entirely replace the patio canopy. However, restringing a patio umbrella on your own is an easy process if you have some patience and basic materials.

It may seem challenging to restring an umbrella, but with a few simple steps, you can get your umbrella back to working perfectly. This post will provide you with a quick set of instructions for restringing your umbrella, which ought to apply to practically any umbrella brand.

7 Easy Steps to Restring A Patio Umbrella

If you have a patio umbrella, it’s one of your preferred outdoor furnishings. They really enhance your outdoor experience and are pretty helpful for keeping cool. Outdoor umbrellas can survive over many years with proper care, offering relaxation and shelter each season.

However, typical issues can appear after some time, such as broken strings, damaged clothing, and bent sticks. Thankfully, repairing a patio umbrella string is a simple process that can be completed at home with only basic tools.

You can restring your patio umbrella by following the steps listed below.

Step 1

Open the umbrella canopy manually if required in order to get ready for the repair. Using a pair of pliers, remove the pin holding the patio umbrella pole and pivot together.

Step 2

Check how your specific umbrella’s winding system operates or consult the instructions provided by the maker. Use a craft knife or screwdriver to remove the locking rings that could be on the top and bottom of the umbrella lose.

Step 3

After the rings have been taken off, unscrew one end of the housing. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the nut holding the winding bold and handle together. Remove the handle and the opposite side of the housing.

Step 4

The replacement cord should be tied to the end of the damaged cord in order to be attached. Keep the umbrella folded. A grabber pickup tool should be inserted into the pole and used to pull the cable through the pole and the gear at the top.

Step 5

Cut the opposite end of the rope where it is linked to the umbrella ring with scissors. Pull the old cord through the pole and knot the new cord to it before tying the fresh cord to the lift ring.

Step 6

Using the pickup grab instrument, remove the cord from the hole, leaving eight inches of cord for use. With the scissors, cut the string and then tie a little knot to fasten it to the umbrella crank. To prevent fraying, light a match and hold it close to the cord’s end to melt the ends.

Step 7

Place the crank bolt in the proper position, then insert the knot into the slot. Use the pliers to tighten the nut. With the screwdriver, put the other side of the housing back together and replace the retaining rings.

By following the method described above, you may easily restring your patio. It is clear that restringing an umbrella is easier than you might have thought. Keep your favorite patio umbrella operating properly. With no need to squint or worry about damaging UV rays, you can spend the summer months on your patio.

What do you think, are patio umbrellas with more ribs better for your patio umbrella to restring? Let’s know!

Why Does A Patio Umbrella’s String Break?

Why does a patio umbrella's string break

The umbrella’s string breaks for a variety of causes. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why string wears out prematurely and even sometimes before it has completed its lifespan.

Rough Use

Rough usage accounts for more than sixty percent of the overall number of broken string cases. When you smash the umbrella shut or make a hard tilt adjustment, the strings are put under a lot of pressure.

Impact of the Weather

We all know that the weather has an effect on fabrics, and it can also harm your string. The main causes of your umbrella’s string wearing down quickly are thunderstorms, strong breezes, and UV rays.


The umbrella string, like everything else, has a finite lifetime. Only one method to maintain your umbrella functioning after several years is to repair the string.

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Can A Patio Umbrella Be Restrung?

Yes, a patio umbrella can be easily restrung. Reading the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential, though, since they will make things simpler. By restringing your patio umbrella yourself, you may save money and relax outside without any hassle.

What to Do with A Broken Patio Umbrella?

Use the umbrella’s remaining parts, if any of them are still in excellent shape, to create a new one. If the item can be fixed, you should do it, significantly if the fabric is damaged; a fast stitch can do the trick.

How Can A Patio Umbrella Be Opened Without A Crank?

Pull the ribs of the canopy outward and away from the pole if your umbrella doesn’t have a cranking system. Some umbrellas without a cranking mechanism will require a bit more effort to open but take care not to damage them.


In reality, restringing a patio umbrella is simple but challenging. As part of the repair, the rope and a few crank mechanism components are being replaced. It continues to be the biggest obstacle to this intervention: If the chord is only slightly damaged, it’s not a big deal; you can easily purchase a string as a beautiful patio umbrella decoration.

This post is meant to assist you with restring your patio umbrella. I Hope, Your patio umbrella will operate like new with a little patience and the help of these techniques. Before buying a patio umbrella you must know some facts.

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