How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over


Dogs are the best option if you are looking for an adorable pet animal that will keep you company. Dogs are loved all around the world for their loyalty and lovable nature. They are fun to have around and can even perform multiple tricks if you teach them! If you are wondering how to teach a dog to roll over, this article will help you out!

Why You Should Get A Dog:

Why You Should Get A Dog

Dogs are adored for their cute appearance and they are also very useful as pets. A dog can detect strangers using its keen senses and warn you! Trained dogs are even used to search for clues in investigation cases. Having a dog around can make anyone’s day better. It has been proved that people who have pet dogs are likely to be happier!

Things To Know Before Getting A Dog:

Things To Know Before Getting A Dog

Having a pet dog might sound fun but raising one properly requires a lot of work and patience. Make sure you know what breed of dog you are getting and how you should take care of it. Dogs can have autism, some may have diabetes or be intolerant to lactose. Knowing the food habits of your dog and arranging nutritious food for it is also necessary. Ensure all the essential preparations before getting your little puppy!

Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog:

Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Dogs are intelligent animals and can perform many exciting tricks if taught! If you train your dog well enough, it can efficiently remember many tricks and perform them upon command.

  • Spin: You can teach your dog to spin around by training it with treats. If you hold a treat in front of its nose and gradually move it, your dog will follow the direction!
  • Paw: If you hold a treat in your hand and hold it upwards, your dog will try to reach out with paws! You can train your dog to do other tricks with paws too.
  • Shake Hands: Using the same trick, you can lure your dog with a treat and have it stretch out a paw! Then you can hold its paw and pretend to shake hands. This is a fun and easy trick to teach your dog.
  • Fetch: This is probably the most common dog trick. Throw a ball or stick across the ground within a short distance. Gesture your dog to go and pick it up. Then gradually teach your dog to bring the object to you! Using treats as a reward will come in handy while teaching this trick.
  • Roll Over: Many people wonder how to teach a dog to roll over and think it is a hard trick to master. But it is a simple trick where you can teach your dog to get down on its stomach and roll over!

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over:

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

You need to follow some steps gradually to teach your puppy this trick. Make sure to not rush the process and be patient with your dog!

  • Break The Trick into Smaller Instructions: It might be hard to teach your dog this trick all at once, so break it into smaller parts. Teach your dog to lie down first and then slowly get it to roll over!
  • Teach Your Dog The “Down” Command: The first step of rolling over is to get your dog on its back. So, instruct it with directions and teach it to lie on the ground on its back. Once your dog learns this step, reward it with treats!
  • Use a Treat To Lure Your Dog: After your dog has learned to lie down, hold a treat in front of its head and lure it. The dog should follow the treat and move towards it. Motion the treat in the direction you want your dog to roll over. Make sure your dog is paying attention and following your instructions! Thus, by moving the treat in the right direction you can guide your dog to roll over!

Some people wonder what to use as a treat. Dogs can eat steak and are a big fan of it. So, steak is an excellent choice!

  • Practice Regularly: The key to teaching your dog to do a trick perfectly is to train it every day. Let your dog practice how to roll over so that it can get used to it!
  • Never Hit Your Dog: If your dog isn’t being able to perform the trick properly, guide it with care. Don’t ever hit it while training. People often ask “I accidentally hit my dog in the head, what should I do?” If it is a severe case, you should always consult with a vet.

These are the steps that will guide you on how to teach a dog to roll over. Follow them with patience and let your dog impress everyone!

Things To Maintain While Teaching Your Dog Tricks:

Things To Maintain While Teaching Your Dog Tricks

  • Don’t let your dog get too used to treats as it might become reluctant to perform tricks without any rewards.
  • Use healthy dog foods as treats instead of artificial, alluring ones.
  • Always remain patient with your dog as it is a sentient being.
  • Avoid hitting your dog in any way, this may cause it to become fearful and weak. Treat your dog with love and care!
  • Let your dog learn at its own pace, don’t rush the process too much as it might create problems.
  • Practice the trick with your dog whenever you can. This will help your dog to remember it well and get familiarized with the instructions!


Teaching your dog fun tricks might be quite a hassle but you should always remain calm and present. As its owner, ensuring a friendly and loving environment for your dog is your responsibility. Don’t punish your dog harshly when it fails to do a task. Treat it with care and affection and it will return that love!

Dogs are wonderful pets and can make your life better by simply existing. Before getting a dog, make sure you have made all the necessary preparations for raising it. Remember to feed your dog nutritious food, take it out on walks whenever you can, and ensure a happy life for it!


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