How to Use a Keurig?

How to Use a Keurig?

A Keurig is a machine that helps you brew coffee using small pod-shaped coffee pods called “K-Cups.” These machines are effortless to use, and convenient, and it also takes little time to prepare. So how to use a Keurig?

Keurig machines are a trendy choice these days, and they brew the best kind of coffee.  Most people drink their first cup of coffee from a Keurig and turn into coffee snobs.

However, you need to learn the proper steps to use a Keurig before making your perfect cup of coffee.

The steps are simple, so let’s get right into the article.

How to Use a Keurig?

Below I will mention all the steps you need to know on how to use a Keurig. 

Part 1: Assembling your Keurig Machine

1. Plug it in a grounded outlet:

Plug the machine into an outlet. Remember to check if any protective films or adhesive tape are sticking around. 

2. Take the water reservoir out and wash it with clean water:

Whichever Keurig model you have, the water reservoir may be set either on the back or side of the machine. Please take off the lid first, wash it, and then take the water reservoir away and rinse it with cold, clean water. However, in some Keurig, the water reservoir is detachable, so you have to wash it when it is attached to the Keurig.

3. Fill up the water reservoir with water and put it back into place:

Once the reservoir has been rinsed properly, fill it with clean water up to a mark on it, replace it, and lock it in place. After that, put the lid back in the reservoir. If your reservoir can’t be detached, then use a separate jug to fill it with water.

4. Push the power button to start heating the water:

The water will start heating upon itself once the power button is on. 

  • There will be a red light beside the power button to indicate that your water is heating, and it will turn off once the water is heated. This feature depends on which model of Keurig you own.
  • If there is no red light on your Keurig, wait until the sounds of the heating stop.

5. Do a trial before using a K-cup:

Place your cup in the Keurig to run a cleansing brew. Then open and shut the K-cup holder like you would when you brew the beverage. The machine should slowly blink to let you know it’s being brewed. Now press the “small cup” button and let the brew cycle run. 

  • Do not put a K-cup in the holder when you are doing a cleaning run.
  • Ensure that your cup is at least 300ml or ten fluid ounces to do the cleansing brew properly unless your user manual says otherwise or so. 
  • On some Keurig models, you need to press the “hot water” option before doing any brewing process. The proper cup size may also be different, so make sure to check the user manual and instructions.

Part 2: How to brew coffee using a K-cup

1. Place your mug on the drip tray:

Choose a mug of the proper size and place it in the drip tray before you start brewing; depending on your model, you should be able to choose from mugs to middle-sized cups on your Keurig machine.

  • If you have the Keurig Elite model, your cup sizes can start from 4 fl oz or 120 ml to 12 fl oz or 350 ml which is also cupped as a travel size cup.
  • If your Keurig model cannot fit a travel-size cup, then you can remove the drip tray and place your cup for it to fit. 

2. Put a K-cup inside the holder of the machine:

Choose any K-cup of your choice, lift the machine to access the holder, and insert your K-cup with the foil part outside.

  • You do not have to pierce the foil. The Keurig machines have built-in needles to do it in the brewing process.

3. Close the lid by pushing the handle down:

After your K-cup has been inserted, you can close the lid. Depending on your model, you will see the message “ready to brew” on the display window.

  • If you are going to brew another cup of coffee, then you have to wait a minute for your Keurig to settle. This usually takes less than a minute.
  • Double-check to see if there is enough water in your reservoir or not.

4. Wait for the brewing process to finish:

Press the brewing button option and wait. Most Keurig models take only minutes to finish brewing. 

  • Depending on your model, you can choose the strength of the coffee, hot or iced coffee, etc.
  • Your machine will make a loud burst noise to let you know it’s done brewing.
  • Do not ever lift the K-cup holder when your coffee is brewed, or the steam or hot water will injure you.

Part 3: how to clean and maintain your Keurig

You will surely need to clean your Keurig every once in a while to remove the coffee residue and unwanted oily particles.

1. Use white vinegar every 4-6 months:

To be able to use your machine smoothly, you will need to clean it. Fill the reservoir with white vinegar and then do several brewing runs without a K-cup until the pool is empty. Now repeat the same process with clean water.

  • Keurig does not recommend using softened or distilled water. 

2. Wipe the outer part with a slightly damp cloth or towel:

This process is done to ensure no sticky coffee residue is stuck on the outside. 

  • Never soak your Keurig in water because it will damage the electrical parts.

3. Empty and clean the drip tray:

The drip tray stores any extra residue of coffee or water—the drip tray stores up to 240 ml or 8 fluid ounces of water on most Keurig models.

4. Take the K-cup holder out and rinse it:

The K-cup holder might have sticky particles stuck to it. You can quickly rinse it with soap and water.

  • Be careful of the sharp needle in the holder.
  • A damp cotton swab can also be used to clean the lower portion of the K-cup holder.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to use a Keurig. Many people get hooked on Keurig using it only one time. It is simple, easy, and convenient. Now you don’t have to worry about buying utensils or even a coffee maker anymore. You can easily have your coffee in under a minute or so.

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