I Dont Know What I Want for Christmas | 2023

I Don’t Know What I Want for Christmas

Christmas is the most awaited holiday of all and it is celebrated with tremendous joy across the world. People often have one common confusion before this celebration “I dont know what I want for Christmas” If you can’t decide what you want as your Christmas gift, this article will provide you with creative ideas!

History of Christmas

History of Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, a sacred person from the Bible. Even though Christmas is celebrated on 25th December, Jesus was not born on that day. Christmas is celebrated on the said date while keeping a pagan holiday of the winter solstice in mind. According to Roman scriptures, the world was created on 25th March and Jesus was conceived, resulting in his birth on 25th December.

Even though the Christmas celebration isn’t stated in the Bible, it is still celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

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Christmas and Santa Claus

Christmas and Santa Claus

Santa Claus and his gifts are looked forward to the most during Christmas. The legend of Santa Claus originated about a hundred years ago. St. Nicholas, a 4th-century Christian Saint, was known for his kindness and generosity. He would bring well-behaved and polite children presents on Christmas Eve as rewards. This legend resulted in the modern tradition where people exchange gifts on Christmas.

Christmas Traditions and Customs

People around the world celebrate Christmas through many cultural traditions and events. These events bring people together and help to spread the message of love and spirituality. Some of the notable Christmas celebrations are:

The Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene of Christmas Traditions

The word “nativity” originates from the word “natal” which means birth. Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus. The nativity play reanimates the scene from Jesus’ birth and depicts how Mary and Joseph were visited by the Shepherds and Wise Men. The oldest nativity scene was created in 1223. It has become an irreplaceable tradition now!

Leaving Milk and Cookies For Santa

Leaving Milk and Cookies For Santa of Christmas Traditions

This tradition originated among Dutch children who would leave treats for Santa’s reindeer. Now children worldwide leave milk and cookies for Santa when he visits. People also think that naughty children want to bribe Santa into giving them presents by observing this tradition.

You can leave any cookies for Santa. The most widely accepted ones are gingerbread, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies. You can also leave carrots for the reindeers.

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Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Kissing Under The Mistletoe of Christmas Traditions

This custom began in ancient Greece where people would kiss under the mistletoe because the plant was associated with fertility. According to traditions, the kiss can bring fortune while a refusal might bring bad luck.

Exchanging Gifts

Exchanging Gifts of Christmas Traditions

Possibly the most exciting tradition of Christmas, exchanging gifts is an act of kindness and generosity. It originated from the myth of Santa Claus and later became an inseparable part of Christmas celebrations. Children receive presents for being well-behaved and polite throughout all year while adults exchange gifts with family and friends. Now you might think “I don’t know what I want for Christmas”, but the ideas for presents are endless!

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“I Dont Know What I Want for Christmas”: Creative Gift Ideas

Christmas is a joyous celebration that revolves around acts of kindness. One of the most popular customs is exchanging gifts with the people you love. If you are wondering “I don’t know what I want for Christmas”, here are some creative inspirations:

  • Gift Cards: Who doesn’t like receiving warm wishes and a lovely, heartfelt message on Christmas? You can always get creative and make your card for your loved ones. If you are short on time, you can buy a ready-made one from the stores. Remember, the message and effort are all that matter!
  • Books: Books are undoubtedly the best thing you can give as presents. You can buy a classic novel, a poetry collection, an anthology series – the limit doesn’t exist when it comes to books! Books are also a thoughtful gift for children as this gesture will ignite their thirst for knowledge.
  • Customized Jewelry: This is a creative option if you want to do something special. You can make hand-painted jewelry or get your loved one a pendant and get their name engraved on it! Everyone likes a unique piece of jewelry made for them!
  • Plushies: People of all ages love plushies and soft toys. You can get your loved one an adorable plushie of their favorite animal or character. This gesture of love will put a smile on their face!
  • Chocolates: There is hardly any person that doesn’t like chocolates! You can surprise your family or friends with a box of exquisite Toblerone, Reese’s Buttercups, or Kit-kat!
  • Pets: Although the idea sounds crazy, it can make someone’s day better! If you know what your loved one wants as a pet, surprise them with that animal. An adorable puppy or a charming kitten will undoubtedly lift their mood!
  • Home Décor: If you are clueless about a Christmas gift, home décor can be a great choice. You can buy them an eye-catching showpiece or a charming souvenir. You can never go wrong with home décor!
  • Paintings or Art Supplies: If you love crafts and arts, you can give your loved ones hand-made paintings as presents. If they are art enthusiasts, you can surprise them with art supplies and rekindle their passion!
  • Clothes: If nothing else comes to mind, you can always buy trendy clothes and designer accessories for your friends. Make sure to purchase clothes according to the person’s measurements!
  • Money: If you have no idea what you want or should buy as a Christmas present, you can always resort to cash. So, the receiver will have the freedom to choose their gift!


Christmas is more about love and spirituality than gifts and traditions. So, remember that it doesn’t matter how expensive or attractive your gift is, a gesture of kindness should be present. Thoughtful, hand-made gifts that are individualistic – are always prioritized and appreciated. You don’t need to spend too much money to make your friends happy, your love and warm wishes are more than enough!


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