Non-Stick Cookware Spray – All You Should Know | 2023

Non-Stick Cookware Spray

If you are a picky chooser when it comes to cookware shopping, you will find versatile cookware options to choose from. There are carbon steel, stainless steel, cast aluminum, titanium, ceramic, and a lot f other varieties of cookware, but people find nonstick pans as a convenient choice for the many benefits that come with it. A non-stick cookware spray is used for protecting the overcoat of this type of cookware.

Even though there are many advantages to using a nonstick pan, the nonstick over-coating may get damaged due to continuous usage. The surface may get scratched, flaked and thus it will hamper your cooking performance. Using a nonstick cookware spray in this situation will help you get rid of this problem.

But to learn the usage of a non-stick cookware spray, you must understand its pros and cons and how exactly you have to use it step by step. If you do not prefer a nonstick cookware spray, you can resort to alternate options as well.

What is a Non-stick Cookware Spray?

What Is a Nonstick Cookware Spray

Nonstick cookware spray is designed to repair the Teflon overcoat present in the nonstick cookware. A nonstick cookware spray is the first call when the nonstick coat gets damaged.

You can use a nonstick cookware spray when the damage is not much severe when you only need to repair a few scratches or flakes. If there are irreparable damages, the best option is to replace your old nonstick cookware with a new one immediately.

Why does nonstick cookware need repairing?

Why Does Nonstick Cookware Need Repairing

Non-stick cookware is greatly convenient until it stops working. It becomes unusable when the nonstick overcoat is not smooth anymore and requires polishing. Every nonstick cookware out there is not created equally. Hence its durability depends on the usage and how often it is properly cleaned and stored.

When will you know your nonstick cookware needs repairing? Mostly when from a continuous time of usage, grease, and oil build up on the surface of the nonstick pan. Thus when you cook on damaged nonstick cookware, food starts to get stuck on the surface, making it difficult for you to go with the cooking process.

In this situation, you must resort to switching your nonstick cookware, or if the damage is not too severe, you can try repairing it with homemade seasoning or a nonstick repair spray.

Is unrepaired nonstick cookware harmful?

Is Unrepaired Nonstick Cookware Harmful

Most of the experts claim if you are not good with cookware cleaning and maintenance, you should not choose nonstick cookware. The nonstick properties of the cookware tend to decay earlier when you don’t follow proper maintenance.

Damaged nonstick cookware can pose great harm to your health. Since the overcoat gets damaged, the food is exposed to harmful cast metals which are the base of nonstick cookware. Also, the PFOA that is used to build up the nonstick surface disintegrates when the surface is damaged, thus it infuses into your food which can be a potential carcinogenic.

Other than health hazards, you can face difficulties while cooking, as the food will keep getting stuck to the surface. This will hamper your cooking performance.

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How to use a nonstick cookware spray?

How to Use a Nonstick Cookware Spray

Step 1: Firstly you have to clean the pan thoroughly so that no food residues are leftover in the pan. Wait for it to naturally dry, don’t rub the surface with any cloth or scrubbing pad.

Step 2: Apply the nonstick cookware spray evenly all over the surface. Make sure to apply a good amount of the spray. A thick and even coating throughout the top of the surface is suitable.

Step 3: Let the spray sit for at least 30 minutes straight on the pan. Make sure the spray does not get accidentally smudged with anything.

Step 4: While you wait for 30 minutes, prepare your oven as you need to place your pan inside it. Preheat the oven at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Put the nonstick pan in the oven and let the coating set for 45 minutes.

Step 6: After the time is over, turn off the oven and let the cookware cool inside the oven for a while.

Step 7: When the cookware is properly cooled down, wash it with soapy hot water before you use it next time for cooking.

Step 8: Make sure to store them properly in a place where potential scratching factors are avoided.

Professional help for applying nonstick cookware spray

When your nonstick cookware’s surface is damaged, you must check the warranty of the cookware. If your cookware is from a high-end brand then it might have a lifetime warranty, in this case, you can get a free replacement or recoat of your cookware.

If you are unsuccessful in getting a free service, and you feel unsafe in applying the spray all on your own, you can contact a professional. You can find a lot of companies on the internet that can provide you nonstick cookware repair spraying service with perfect finishing.

Any local service can provide you the repair coating, but just in case you want it done by the original manufacturer, the cost may be a little high.

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How to make the coating last

Nonstick coatings are not meant to last forever, especially after you have coated them with a nonstick cookware spray. You have to be careful about the maintenance of nonstick cookware available in your kitchen. Here are some steps you can follow to make your nonstick cookware spray coating last a long time:

  • Avoid using any sharp utensils made of metal, you can use utensils made of wood, plastic, or nylon as an alternative.
  • You can place a thin paper towel or cloth in between stacked pans and cookware to avoid friction amongst them.
  • Avoid cooking in high temperatures, rather opt for lower or medium temperature while cooking on nonstick cookware.
  • Always cook your nonstick cookware by hand and not dishwasher, unless the cookware is specifically mentioned to be dishwasher friendly.
  • Do not use scrubbing pads or harsh materials while wiping the cookware, instead use clothes made of microfiber and a soft sponge.

Alternate options to a nonstick cookware repair spray

If you are unsure about applying a nonstick cookware repair spray, there are some homemade alternate seasoning options as well. But these will only work if the amount of damage is not that severe.

  1. Peanut oil: You have to clean your pan first properly then apply a thin layer of peanut oil. Heat the pan for 60 to 120 seconds then let cool and wipe.
  2. Coconut oil: Same as peanut oil, you can apply a thin layer of coconut oil to cover the pores and let it inside the oven for at least 2 hours. Make sure not to overheat it. Let it stay in the oven after you turn it off after 2 hours then let the coating set overnight. After a whole day, you can remove the pan from the oven and start using it.

Other than seasoning, you can always buy brand new nonstick cookware and discard the old one.

If you can adhere to proper maintenance and cleaning, you can make your nonstick cookware last for a long time.


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