Pregnant Couples Halloween Costume – Choose Your In 2022

Pregnant Couples Halloween Costume

Being pregnant during the Halloween celebration naturally calls for a spooky pregnant couples Halloween costume! Celebrating Halloween has always been a matter of joy for everyone, especially children.

You get to wear cool outfits, dress up as your favorite fictional or nonfictional character and get free candies??? What more could you ask for? Now, don’t get disheartened.

Because adults get to have fun on Halloween too! Wearing matching outfits with the whole family during Halloween and enjoying the day together always has a different feel to it.

Even more so, during a special moment like pregnancy. Whether it is your first time being pregnant or nth time, celebrating Halloween should never be missed.

The best part is, a pregnant couple’s Halloween costume is usually very low maintenance and can be pulled off with ease.

You will probably be able to put the whole outfit together with clothing items and accessories that are already in your closet.

In this article, we will be giving out a few easy themes and DIY ideas you can choose for your family to celebrate Halloween together as a pregnant couple; even if you are on a budget.

Let us get into the article.

Pregnant Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Avocado Costume

Use your baby bump as the pit of the avocado. Trace the shape of your bump for the whole and on a large piece of the presentation board.

Cut out the hole and use different shades of green to paint the board like avocado. Attach straps on the back to slide your arms through and wear a brown shirt underneath to complete the look.

Care Bears Costume

Similar to the spots on the tummy of all the care bears showing what their personality is like, the to-be mother can dress up as any one of the bears and paint their symbol over her baby bump to signify her mood for the day.

The father can dress up as one of the bears too. here you can check dressed as a girl for Halloween.

Star Wars Costume

Dressing up as characters from this popular franchise has been a traditional Halloween costume for a long time.

And for pregnant couples, nothing does it better than dressing up as the popular on-screen couple, Han Solo and Princess Leia.

To dress up as Princess Leia, the to-be mother can go for the character’s signature white tunic. It is already a loose fit, so should comfortably accommodate your bulging belly.

Part your hair in the middle and put up each side into space buns to complete the look. And as for the to-be father, dressing up as Han Solo is even easier. Simply pair a dark vest with tucked-in full-sleeve shirts and dark trousers.

You can even add a toy gun to your belt buckle for additional effect and… May the force be with you!

Tennis Ball Costume

While the to-be father can dress up as a tennis player and use a tennis racket as a prop, the mother is going to be the main attraction of this tennis-themed couple’s Halloween costume.

The to-be mother can wear an old or inexpensive black dress with a cut-out hole in the area of the bump.

Wear a neon yellow tube skirt underneath the dress and watching a matching wig to complete the ballin’ look.

Violet Beauregard Costume

Ah, thinking about this movie brings back memories.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory has several interesting characters you can dress up as on Halloween.

For the pregnant mothers, dressing up as the girl who swells up like a large blueberry in the movie, aka, Violet Beauregard, will be perfect.

All you need to do is wear a blue or purple dress and cover your face, exposed parts of your hand, and legs with the same color paint.

Your partner can dress up as Mr. Willy Wonka or even one of the Oompa Loompas!

Pregnant Couples Halloween Costume

Winnie The Pooh Costume

Whenever we think about this adorable teddy bear, Pooh’s signature belly comes to our mind. There are several Winnie the Pooh-themed costumes you can choose from for Halloween.

To dress up as Pooh, pair a red crop top with a mustard or yellow-colored bodycon dress or a long shirt underneath.

Complete your costume with a bear ear headband and a jar of honey in your hand or a similar-looking purse, and you will have yourself the cutest Halloween costume in all of the Hundred Acre Wood!

Your significant other can dress up as Piglet or Tigger to complete the couple’s look. It is very easy to successfully pull off this belly-centric couple’s Halloween costume with minimal effort.

And therefore, it truly resonates with Pooh’s ethos: “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

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Skeleton Costume

Since Halloween is all about horror, dressing up as skeletons our mummies have always been in the game. This is an easy look to pull off and requires very few materials.

For the mommy’s costume, over an old black dress, use white paint to draw the bones of your hands, ribs, legs, and a skeleton of a baby over your baby bump. Do the same for your partner’s whole black outfit.

Use black and white eyeshadow to paint your faces with the outline of all the facial bones and teeth. And there you have it, your complete mummy-to-be costume. Get it?

Other popular and easy Halloween costume ideas for pregnant couples include the following:

  • Angry birds costume
  • Basketball player and ball costume
  • Cat with yarn costume
  • Deviled eggs costume
  • Emoji costume
  • Fishbowl costume
  • Gumball machine costume
  • Good luck troll costume
  • Ice-cream sundae costume
  • Juno and Paulie costume
  • Kangaroo costume
  • Mama bird costume
  • Milk and cookies costume
  • Peas in a pod costume
  • Pumpkin smuggler costume
  • Rainbow and pot of gold costume
  • Snowman costume, etc.

Final Words

Well now that you have several ideas for pregnant couples’ Halloween costumes, you can choose the one that suits you best. Which really reveals what Halloween is all about.

Amidst all the fun, always remember to prioritize the to-be mother’s health and comfort.

If you are towards the end of your pregnancy journey, it is better not to go out trick or treating as walking for long periods is not ideal during the last trimester.

You can still show off your Halloween costume by posting pictures or by inviting your loved ones home.

Whether you decide to wear a costume for Halloween or not, we hope you have a fun time enjoying yourself. Get know more hacks just visit.

Happy Halloween!


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