Pros and Cons of Pest Control

Pros and Cons of Pest Control

Pest Control is a process of the use of pesticides and eco-friendly chemicals to terminate and get rid of pests such as rodents, insects, spiders, lizards, fungi and many other animals and insect which has the possibility to bring diseases and harmful substances inside your house. But even their has some pros and cons of pest control.

To evaluate your decisions, here are some pros and cons about pest control that might help you make your decisions better about what kind of pest control you may want.

Pros and Cons of Pest Control

Pest Control is a safe and natural approach to keeping pests such as aphids and mites at bay. It is an economical and effective technique in the pest control and management for your house and agriculture.

The Pest Control uses natural pest enemies to eliminate harmful insects in order to reduce the risk of pesticide abuse and possible environmental chemical pollution.

Pros of Pest Control

Pros of Pest Control


Classical pest control is inexpensive and produces long lasting effect. Aide from initial expenses for importation, collection and rearing costs ae kept to a minimum.

When a natural enemy is used and becomes successful, the procedure will rarely require additional biological input and it will continue killing the pests without any direct assistance from you, and at no additional cost.


Another adcantage of biological control is based on its capacity to provide a semi permanent regulation for devastating environmental and agricultural pests that may be a challenge or even impossible to control using the more tradition, chemical means,

Eco- Friendly

Pest control agents are non pollution acceptable and safe. Typically the targeted weeds or pest. The pest control the Pest Control Guard uses, avoids the use of ecologically and environmentally hazardous chemicals and so in that way it promotes natural balance.

Catalysts for future improvements

The application of biological control practices is just the beginning of more natural and greener approaches to pest control in the future, great reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides as well.

Cons of Pest control

Might give you allergies

After the whole process of pest control is done, the aroma and remaining chemicals used my the pest control might give you allergies, but that too happens rarely.

It is suggested by doctors and experts that it is better if you take atleast 5 hours off of the venue being pest managed to avoid these kinds of allergies.

What Are The Types Of Pest Control?

Types Of Pest Control

These are the types of Pest control that you may choose between:

1. Insect Maintainers

Insects face many different stages when they grow into mature adults. Most insects start with an egg, when the egg finally hatches, it releases larva. The larva then builds a cocoon around the insect which then slowly but surely develops into an adult, that too, in a very fast pace.

An insect growth regulator is made to disrupt and destroy the growth process of an insect process from egg to adult. Most growth regulatorsare ineffective towards adult insects, but they work well on their early stages of life such when they are an egg, larva or a pupa. Many eggs treated with this treatment is discourages to hatch and thus slows the process of reproduction.

2. Repellents

Insect repellents are chemicals that keep certain pests away since the smell or the components of those chemical are deemed to be deadly for their bodies

The effectiveness of the repellent’s ability to terminate and avoid insects depends on many factors, but it’s best to find a repellant that has been approved by and registered with the FDA. Products approved by the FDA are more likely to work and be safe for humans.

Attractants can also be used instead of or in conjunction with repellants. Attractants are chemicals and odors that attract insects and pests. This can be used to attract pests to a far corner of your yard, where they will pose less of a risk to your home.

3. Pheromones

Pheromones are natural chemicals and consists of hormones that insects use to communicate with each other. If there is a lot of food present in a particular area or in a crowded space, insects can release pheromones that let other insects know to go there. On the other hand, if there is danger, they can use pheromones to make other insects aware of the danger.

Normally, in common cases, pheromones are used for flies and wasps as it may help you keep them away from your house or may even avoid them from coming inside. As you may have assumed, when you use pheromone pest control processes you can easily confuse and make the pests question into thinking and acting on their biological instincts that tell them to either stay away or draws them towards your house more, it may also remind them that there is danger close to your home and food far away from your home. The best way to use pheromones is with pheromone traps, which attract pests to a certain area.

And when they approach, they are immediately terminated quickly as soon as they arrive and lay their feet on the traps.

What Are The Methods Of Pest Control?

There are many methods of Pest Control:

They are, Organismal Pest Control, Alchemical Pest Control, Biological Pest Control, Automatic Pest Control, Hygiene Pest Control.

Organismal Pest Control uses natural ingrediants such as pheromones and bait customized for your need of pests to attract and trap them in order to terminate them.

Alchemical Pest Control consists of pesticides using chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Ammonia to clean out the pests for you

Biological Pest Control, involves inspections of the habitats of the pest in your house and then using necessary methods to terminate them.

And lastly, there is Automatic Pest control, which involves setting up machines and equipments inside your house that release gases and other chemical on their own to fully deter your house from pests.

In Conclusion

Pros and cons exist in everything, but the pros and cons of pest control and of Pesticides weigh out the cons of its usage

To ensure a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, it is needed to consider the best options of pest control designed for you.

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