Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod

Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod

Almost all the anglers, especially the newbies, face a very common challenge while selecting the right fishing rod type. Some may think that having an in-depth idea about the performance and price of the reel may help to determine the right fishing rod.

But, wait – my friend – there’s more to know!

Having a deep knowledge regarding the difference between a spinning rod and a casting rod is unquestionably an incredible advantage for every fisherman as it will help to select the right kind of fishing rod.

To be a winner in your fishing mission, having the right fishing rod is equally important as choosing the fishing time and wearing the right outfit.

So, it is a must that you have a piece of in-depth knowledge of spinning rod vs casting rod.

Both of these rods are designed for your fishing quest, but having a detailed understanding of those rods will help the new fisher with no experience at all along with the experienced pro anglers.

As fishing is my love, so I always try my BEST to help anglers of all types by sharing useful tips and tricks regarding fishing.

I must tell you that fishing has been the favorite hobby of mine since I was a child. I can still remember those early days when I used to go out fishing with my father.  Over time, this hobby somehow has turned into my passion.

I have got varieties of fishing experience with the spinning rod and casting the rod as well. So, I have thought that why shouldn’t I share what I have learned so far with you.

And, that’s the reason, here I am with a detailed discussion on spinning rod vs casting rod.

Keep in mind – having in-depth knowledge about these two rods and the underlying differences between then will help you avoid mistakes like mixing up your rods with the reels. At the same time, you can easily differentiate the rods specifically designed for the spinning reels and the ones made particularly for the bait casting reels.

You, as an angler, can select the right combination gradually as you go out fishing spending plenty of your time. However, any combination may be a fit for fishing; at the end of the day, you should choose the one that works BEST.

Before we go into the detailed discussion on the differences between a spinning rod and a casting rod, let’s have a quick overview of the spinning rod and casting rod.

What Is A Spinning Rod?

In general, a spinning rod is one of many types of fishing rods. This particular fishing rod type is available in many sizes – starting from a light one to medium light and a sturdy spinning rod.

What Is A Spinning Rod

While you use this rod type in fishing, it tends to bend because of the happening of a bite on the line. While casting, the spinning reel gets its placement under the rod handled by your dominant hand and the handle is supposed to manage by the other hand.


  • One of the ‘BEST’ things about a spinning rod is that it is a PERFECT choice for a beginner since fishing with this rod type seems to be more manageable for them.
  • A spinning rod compared to a baitcasting rod is more ideal for fishing in windy conditions since you don’t have to be tensed about the unexpected backlash effect.
  • Anglers of amateur type prefer spinning rods because of reeling fish is faster with them. And, you can also avoid the line tangles as well.
  • While fighting a fish, you get somewhat easier access to this rod type. Moreover, the adjustment of the drag seems to be easier even for a beginner level fisher.
  • The spinning rod is an ideal choice for casting live bait along with smaller lures.
  • The spinning reel is simply a straightforward mechanism in comparison to the bait casting reels. And, this simple mechanism helps the spinning rod a user-friendly one.

What Is A Casting Rod?

To have a general understanding of the casting rod, always keep this in your mind – this rod type is simply the opposite of a spinning fishing rod.

What Is A Casting Rod

While using this rod type for fishing, the rod seems to bend over because the eyelets move upwards. And, this happens only when a fish tries to pull the lines of your casting fishing rod.

Though some fishermen may disagree, it’s a fact that a casting rod is the ‘BEST’ choice for serious fishing comparing to a spinning rod.


  • The casting rod often features a “trigger” element that is placed on the reel seat. And, this particular feature gives you an added advantage for casting control.
  • Guide sizes are somewhat smaller.
  • Bait-casting reel of a casting rod is placed on the top of the fishing rod.
  • The sensitivity of a casting rod makes it an ideal choice for deep-jigging and fishing with lures.
  • You can prefer a casting rod while casting heavy lures.
  • It is the BEST choice for sight fishing.

Many fishers, however, go for a spinning rod for the following reasons:

  • It seems to be difficult to learn fishing with a casting rod. For a starter, it may take a lot of time to know how the casting reel does operate.
  • While learning this fishing technique, you’ll face problems to handle the recoils of the casting reel. This is one of the main reasons anglers prefer a spinning rod over a casting rod.
  • Changing the line of a casting rod is both money and time-consuming.

Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod

At this point, I’m going to discuss the major differences between a spinning rod and a casting rod. I hope this piece of discussion will serve you best in your quest of having a deeper knowledge of the spinning rod vs casting rod.

Size of Guides for Spinning Rods and Casting Rods

The guides of the spinning rods are a bit bigger in sizes but excellent for fishing. you may need a bigger space to keep a spinning rod.

On the other hand, casting rods feature smaller guides. You will require a smaller space for keeping your casting rod.


To be very honest, a casting rod will serve you better than a spinning rod when it comes to PERFORMACE.

From my fishing experiences, I have found both of these fishing rods quite excellent in their nature.

However, I would suggest you pick the casting rod if you prefer serious fishing. On the other hand, my advice for a beginner level fishermen to go for a spinning rod to enjoy fishing at the initial stage.

Experience with Spinning Rods and Casting Rods

The spinning rod is a type of fishing rod that is easy-to-use. Even if you’re a starter, you can master the spinning rod within a short time. Trust me; a spinning rod will give the most enjoyable fishing experience in your early days – mark my words.

On the contrary, using a casting rod requires both experience and skills. It is not easy to operate a casting rod. This is because not every fisher can understand how the rod bends when the eyelets face upwards.

Skilled and experienced anglers who have spent lots of time in fishing can choose a casting rod. But, for a newcomer, choosing a casting rod won’t be a good decision at all.

Usage of Spinning Rods and Casting Rods

You can use a spinning rod mainly for trolling and still fishing. At the same time, this fishing rod type is ideal for casting with small lures.

In contrast, you should go for a casting rod while casting heavy lures. Although it is hard to understand how the casting reel operates, once you master it you will find it as the BEST choice to use in heavier cover.

Costs of Spinning Rods and Casting Rods

You’ll be glad to hear that you don’t need to bear any additional cost except the purchasing cost to use this fishing rod type.

But, to learn how the casting rod works can cost you a lot. As I have already mentioned, fishing with a casting rod can be difficult for any angler except for those pro fishermen who have plenty of fishing experiences and techniques.

In the case of a casting rod, you may need to change the lines multiple times unless you get a hold of how it does operate. And, changing the line of a casting rod is not time-consuming, but expensive as well.

Depending on the time and money you will spend in fishing, you should choose the fishing rod between these two.

Reels in Spinning Rods and Casting Rods

You should always bear in mind that the spinning reels of the spinning rods are no way suitable for heavy activities. The main reason behind this is the line twists of this rod type are not secure enough to deal with heavyweight activities.

On the contrary, the casting rods feature line twists that are quite strong (you’ll experience while using). As a result, you can use a casting rod for dealing with heavy tasks.

Well, these are the main differences that I think you should get acquainted with to have a pleasurable fishing experience. Choosing the right kind of fishing rod won’t help you in full unless you pick the right kind of kayak for your fishing. So, make sure you give a whole lot of importance while picking the best kayak for best fishing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod

1. Can you use a spinning rod with a casting reel?

Answer: This is a very important question asked via email by many of my readers.

Well, technically, you can use a casting reel known as baitcaster on a spinning fishing rod.

But, I would recommend you not to do this.

A spinning rod and casting rod are designed in different ways although the main purpose of using them is fishing. And, a spinning rod requires a spinning reel to perform the way it usually does.

In contrast, a casting rod is specifically designed to work with a baitcaster or casting reel.

So, if you go fishing using a spinning rod with a casting reel on it, then you may face a variety of problems.

I’ve been fishing for over a decade and throughout this long time, I have never used a spinning rod with a casting reel.

So, my advice, in this case, would be a straight ‘NO’.

2. What are casting rods used for?

Answer: Casting rods are mainly designed to be used for serious fishing.

Skilled and experienced fishermen usually prefer the casting rods since this fishing rod type is the BEST choice for catching large fishes like striped bass, salmon, flathead or blue catfish, along with many other saltwater fish.

I would suggest you go for a casting rod only if you’re experienced enough in sea fishing.

3. When should you use a spinning rod?

Answer: Each of the fishing rod types is designed to serve for meeting specific fishing purposes.

The spinning rod is ideally preferable for trolling and still fishing. Besides, you can also use this fishing rod type while fishing with live bait to catch panfish, catfish, walleye and similar other fish types.

4. How long should my fishing rod be?

Answer: The typical length of a fishing rod ranges from 6 to 12 feet.

To choose the ideal fishing rod length, you have to focus on the type of fishing you’re planning to do, the species you prefer and the fishing environment you feel comfortable with. Good research on the mentioned points can give the actual idea of your fishing rod length.

However, I would recommend the beginner level anglers to start with a fishing rod that is around 7 feet in its length. I think this fishing rod length will give them a pleasurable fishing experience at the intitial stage.

Wrapping Up

Every angler should give a higher level of importance while choosing the right kind of fishing rod.

Unless you choose the perfect fishing rod, you can’t hope to take your desired fish to your home. And, for that reason, you need to have a piece of detailed knowledge and understanding of spinning rod vs casting.

Both of these fishing rods are designed to fulfill different fishing purposes. I believe I have covered almost all the major differences between a spinning rod and a casting rod.

This thoughtful discussion of mine will help you to determine which fishing rod to choose for your fishing purpose.

However, for any questions related to fishing, you can comment below or send me a message.

I will try my ‘BEST’ to come up with a helpful suggestion or solution to your problem.

Also, don’t forget to share your fishing experience with me. I would LOVE to hear that too.

Happy Fishing!

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