Square Patio Umbrella VS. Round Patio Umbrella: Which One is the Best?

Square Patio Umbrella VS. Round Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are designed to provide shade. They are also the ideal beach companion and backyard friend. There are plenty of designs and a wide variety of styles. You only realize there is a decision to be made when it is time to go shopping for one.

The shape is one of the first things to consider when choosing an umbrella for your personal or commercial outdoor space. However, square and round shapes are the most popular. So, square patio umbrella vs. round patio umbrella: which one is the best?

Patio umbrellas are available in a variety of shapes, including square, hexagonal, rectangular, and octagonal. The majority of umbrellas are, however, still made in classic square and round designs. How much shade your area receives will depend on the size and form of your square or circular umbrella.

This post will explain how to choose between a square and a round patio umbrella. Let’s explore it to see which is most suitable for you.

Square or Rectangular Patio Umbrella

This form of umbrella is a four-sided square or rectangle, as the word indicates. Due to their perfect shading abilities, these patio umbrellas are perfect for square or long tables.

A square design is also appropriate for two chaise lounge chairs positioned around the pool deck. They feel more sophisticated and have amazing looks. Additionally, they are applied more frequently in professional settings.

The area you wish to shade, the available space, and your selected aesthetic will ultimately determine the shape of your business and residential umbrellas.

Think about the relative sun angle, and be sure to get a length that covers an area that is 5 feet bigger than the one you wish to cover. Aside from that, choose what makes perfect sense to you.

Round or Octagonal Patio Umbrellas

There isn’t actually a patio umbrella with a perfectly round shape. They are typically hexagonal (6 sides) or octagonal (8 sides) in shape because of their structural design, although they are still considered to be round.

On bigger patios, they add a pleasant aesthetic touch and are ideal for covering a round table. They have a seaside vibe and demand to be bent in the breeze.

Octagonal umbrellas, which are basically round in shape, are by far the most common design for both commercial and residential use. This traditional form has eight straight arms and can give your patio or outdoor area a more symmetrical appeal.

Square Patio Umbrella Vs. Round Patio Umbrella: Which Option Is Best for You?

Square Patio Umbrella Vs. Round Patio Umbrella: Which Option Is Best for You

Let’s take a closer look to discover which one is ideal for you. There are various things to think about.

While the area where your umbrella will be put is frequently the first thing to think about, the main choice is what shape and size to buy because most producers offer a comparable range of sizes and colors.

If you don’t know what size patio umbrella do you need? Then let’s get the idea!

Which umbrella offers the most shade?

The quantity of shade you require should be taken into account while picking an umbrella shape. Your outdoor space will receive a specific amount of shade based on the shape and size of your umbrella.

A 10-foot square umbrella may provide 100 square feet of shade, whereas an umbrella in an octagon shape of the same size can provide 71 square feet of shade.

You can choose based on the area that needs to be covered at your premises because it has been determined that square umbrellas offer 30% more coverage than round ones.

What Advantages Do Round Patio Umbrellas Offer?

Round patio umbrellas, which are essentially spherical in shape, are by far the most common shape for both commercial and residential use. This traditional form has eight or six straight arms and can give your garden or outdoor area a more harmonious appeal.

The round-shaped umbrella also has the advantage of not disrupting or changing the current lines of your outdoor spaces. Additionally, round patio umbrellas are simpler to fold in small or tight locations.

What Advantages Do Square Patio Umbrellas Offer?

The square umbrella has a more modern shape and is elegant and beautiful in architecture. It also provides the most shade coverage, which is 30%, much more than octagonal umbrellas, as was already indicated.

The square umbrellas work nicely for seats in a pool area, as well as square or long tables. These umbrellas are typically utilized in commercial environments like hotels and restaurants since they offer a more contemporary and polished appearance.

However, a square umbrella runs the risk of seeming lopsided in proportion to the surrounding building because of its straight lines.

Do the Materials of Patio Umbrellas Matter?

Material of high quality is always preferred. The umbrella’s design, color, and fabric material are all crucial considerations. Think about UV protection and durability. A fabric that is resistant to UV fading and does not absorb moisture is the best material for a patio umbrella.

Do you know which one is a better light or dark color patio umbrella? Let’s get an idea!

You can choose between structural aluminum, wood, and metal. The overall appearance is, of course, determined by the material. All of them are lovely alternatives, but it all depends on the size of your patio.

Despite being generally the most durable material, steel can be unworkable in particular circumstances due to its cost and weight. Structured aluminum is your best option for durability and efficiency.


What Shape Umbrella Is Best for Wind?

When placed symmetrically, two, three, or four cantilever umbrellas offer significantly more sturdy support. However, adding more umbrellas has a trade-off since more canopies provide more surface resistance to the wind force. Rectangular canopies increase the risk of tipping by providing “edges” that could act as wind traps.

Why Is An Umbrella Round in Shape?

A round umbrella’s canopy shape is most common; it has been flattened to increase dynamic responsiveness to the wind. Despite the fact that most firms refer to umbrellas as “round,” they are actually “octagons.”

What Is the Best Type of Patio Umbrella Base?

 A range of materials can be used to create umbrella bases. Heavy-duty bases made of plastic and molded resin won’t crack, flake, or rust are the best. The most popular alternatives are molded resin, cast iron, steel, and concrete.


In conclusion, it comes down to three factors when deciding between a square vs. round patio umbrella canopy: the shape of the table or area you wish to cover, any physical restrictions imposed by your outside space, and, of course, your own preferences.

Using a square umbrella will provide you with the most shade protection possible. You better know some facts about a patio umbrella before buying it!

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