Top 10 Patio Umbrella Companies in the World

Top 10 patio umbrella companies in the world

One of the famous complaints of our customers is, “where do we find the best patio umbrella, and from where can we order it?” Well, this is a very hectic job to find the best patio umbrella company online.

We have arrived at the “Top 10 patio umbrella companies in the world” solution to solve this problem. Here, you can find the world’s best patio umbrella manufacturing companies renowned for their services.

These listed companies are indeed authentic and valid with their services. You can order online from anywhere in the world. So why be late? Let’s get started.

Patio Umbrella Companies [Know About The Companies First]

Patio umbrellas are available in many places online. But finding the right place to order can take time and effort. That is why here we are. We find the best 10 company websites from which you can order the best patio umbrellas.

Our research is based on the customer’s review, order process, and mechanisms. We ordered from each company’s website to judge their service and show the equation in front of you. Let’s see which website serves you better and where you should buy a patio umbrella.

Top 10 Patio Umbrella Companies in The World

The top 10 patio umbrella companies are selected based on their performances. We tried to choose the world’s top 10 patio umbrella manufacturing companies for you.

Here we also tried to give enough reasons for which company service is better and why.

The Umbrella House

On our list, the first patio umbrella company that we bought up is “Umbrella House.” It is a renowned patio umbrella company in “Istanbul.” It contains a lot of variety in patio umbrellas.

Also, it is one of the websites that focuses only on umbrellas. So, any umbrella-related options and offers are available here for the buyers.

You can order from the “Umbrella House,” renowned and carrying fame from 1978 in Turkey and worldwide.


There will be hardly anyone who has never heard of amazon. It is one of the favorite websites with more than 100 categories of different products. Fortunately, it has a great collection of patio umbrellas as well.

Many small businessmen and manufacturers are selling their solid patio umbrellas on amazon. There is a rich review section that proves the service of each buyer. So, you can judge your own order and have a good return policy.

You can get thousands of categories promoting patio umbrellas from where you can buy the best one for you based on the ratings and reviews.

Furniture Design House

The third company on our list is “Furniture Design House.” It is a patio manufacturing company who have been available at your service since 2002. They carry an international trade license that makes the journey of exports smooth.

You can order colorful patio umbrellas from here and surf this website for other furniture accessories. This company offers you a variety of sizes and colors of your patio umbrella.

Check out here if you don’t know what size patio umbrella you need.

The furniture design house is in the USA and supports a 24-hour online support service. From this, you can make sure your desired patio umbrella is ready to sail to you.

Global Sources

“Global sources” is an E-commerce website based on only patio umbrellas. You can customize any feature, material, type, and supplier location to help you get your patio umbrella as fast as possible.

It is a renowned company with verified manufacturers and certified products with the proper product test report. You can have many choices regarding materials such as metals, fabric, oxford, plastic, and canvas.

You can also select the features based on your requirements, such as foldable, waterproof, portable, anti-UV, etc. There are more than 100 adjustable height and UV protection certified products and 200+ durable guaranteed products which are also water resistant.

Overall, these websites are one of the best company holding companies that can serve with the best patio umbrellas of all time with 2000+ quality products. 


Next on our list goes on with “Okorder.” It is a global materials and equipment supplying company that is well known for its latest products with the lowest prices.

Okorder contains more than 500 patio umbrella options for you. You can directly talk with the manufacturers via email and chat, which justifies their liability.

They offer you the best quality products at the lowest price. But, there are also some limitations to it. You need to order a bunch of products at a time. Such as, 1000 pieces per month minimum is their supply capability for some specific products.

Besides that, this website can follow you with other outdoor furniture, sofa sets, sun lounges, garden lights, and LED lights. You can order these products with the patio umbrella. It will save delivery percentage for you and create some savings.


This company is located in China and is an export-based company that can supply patio umbrellas worldwide. You can order as much as you need for importing to your country.

It has special categories of products such as louvers, facades, and cantilever umbrellas. These are renowned manufacturing companies. On their website, you can watch the manufacturing process as well.

They also promote the production process on the sunlever pergola youtube channel. You can judge their quality and maintenance process effortlessly.

Patio Umbrella Store

Patio umbrella stores are one of the manufacturers as well. They have a sorted bestseller list that can represent their best-quality products. You can see the reviews and place comments as well.

You can buy the best umbrella which suits your budget. Every patio umbrella contains different specifications such as height, weight, width, etc. You can sort the products from low to high range and opposite.

Do you know what weight is best for your patio umbrella base? See more details here.

You can place the order online based on your requirement and customize the height weight. More than hundreds of categories are there for you to choose from. This renowned company is located in Pasadena, California. 

ShadesCapes Americas

One of the renowned American companies that will serve you the best umbrella to your doorstep. This company will provide you the best outdoor umbrella in a categorized way.

They have bestsellers’ top 12 designs for calmer living, which will surely attract you. They have a variety of patio umbrellas with different shapes, such as circular, triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, etc.

Other than that, they have a starting price range for you to consider the price range with other websites. You can choose the patio umbrella based on the event and consult with them before placing an order.


This is an E-commerce website that has a large variety of patio umbrellas. You can order based on quality, color, and shape. The outdoor umbrella section is enriched with more than ten thousand search results.

This website is renowned for its quality services. More than a million buyers sell their quality products on this website. You can select the best patio umbrella from the site based on the reviews and price range.

You can contact the supplier before getting the patio umbrella and order based on the limit and your requirements.

Crema Outdoor

The last of this list ends with a fantastic company named “Crema.” They categorize their website in a very furnished way. You can see the usages and particular types of patio umbrellas at the interface.

It’s a renowned company located in Italy but supplies the best quality patio umbrella worldwide. You can contact and consult them before buying the umbrella about the shape, size, and pieces you want.

You can check for the patio umbrella size chart here to get an idea of which one you need.

At last, these are the best patio umbrella companies listed that can serve you with the best patio umbrellas.

You can find more details about the size and shape of the patio umbrella here.

What company makes the best patio umbrellas?

What company makes the best patio umbrellas

There are lots of manufacturing companies available online that serve the patio umbrella at your doorstep. Top 5 companies could be,

  • The Umbrella House
  • Patio Umbrella Store
  • Sunlever
  • Global Sources
  • Okorder

These are some renowned companies that will provide you with the best quality umbrellas.

What is the best material for a patio umbrella?

Patio umbrellas are best made of aluminum. Aluminum could be the strongest option for you, if you want to manufacture a patio umbrella. Other than that, if you are looking to buy a patio umbrella then, aluminum made umbrellas are most durable.

What shape of patio umbrella is best?

A rectangular shaped patio umbrella would be best for you to buy. Because it covers a great area with firm support. There are also many options available such as circular, octagonal, triangular etc. Every shape has some advantages and disadvantages but a square shape would be perfect.

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Hope you find the helpful list to find the best patio umbrella company that can serve you the best patio umbrella worldwide. This article is based on the buyer’s experience and reviews of the customers for finding the best patio umbrella company near you. But before buying the patio umbrella, you should check out the buying guide here.

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