What Weight Is Best for Patio Umbrella Base?

What weight is best for patio umbrella base

The appearance of a patio umbrella promotes relaxation and staying put. Patio umbrellas are incredibly beneficial for your business in many ways, regardless of whether you own a coffee shop, café, or supermarket.

One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a patio umbrella is, “What weight is best for a patio umbrella base?”

Finding the ideal base for your umbrella is complex. Patio umbrella bases can be found in various weights and materials, including stone and plastic. These are important to prevent your umbrella from lifting out of holes or being blown up by the wind. The width of your umbrella canopy multiplied by ten is a reasonable approach to establishing the minimum weight for your umbrella base.

In this article, we’ll talk about what weight is best for a patio umbrella base. So let’s begin.

What Should The Weight of My Umbrella Base Be?

The weight of your umbrella base, or umbrella stand, should be determined by the size of your umbrella. We advise using a more substantial umbrella base if you are utilizing a large umbrella, if the umbrella will be utilized in a high-traffic commercial setting, or if you will be using the umbrella in an area with strong winds.

Generally, your stand needs to be heavier the more oversized the umbrella. Adding 10 to the length of your umbrella canopy will give you the minimum weight your umbrella stand should support.

For instance, we advise using an 80-pound umbrella base for an 8-foot umbrella, but a 9-foot umbrella will need at least a 90-pound base.

How Heavy Should The Base Be for A Patio Umbrella?

How heavy should the base be for a patio umbrella

It’s crucial to select the best umbrella base for your requirements. Although a high-quality patio umbrella has many different parts, the umbrella base is vital. Irrespective of your design preferences, the ground should be the right weight and size to support your umbrella.

We provide a chart for your convenience to estimate the best weight for the patio umbrella base.

Umbrella SizeBase Weight
6 Feet20 Pounds
6.5 Feet30 Pounds
7.5 Feet40 Pounds
9 Feet50 Pounds
11+ Feet70+ Pounds

Table 2: Umbrella Base Weight Chart

Do All Patio Umbrellas Fit in The Same Base?

Many “head” or “sleeve” diameters are available for umbrella supports. Knowing the precise diameter of your umbrella’s central pole will help you choose the suitable umbrella stand. Smaller umbrella poles can be supported by umbrella stands with head or sleeve diameters marginally more incredible than the size of the umbrella pole.

The typical diameter of an umbrella pole is 1.5″. However, depending on the style and size you choose, it can vary between 1.5 and 3″.

In reality, not all umbrellas have poles of the same size. Although 1.5″ to 3″ is the most typical size for umbrella poles, not all of them fit.

Therefore, get a base the right size for your umbrella pole and verify the patio table’s hole diameter to ensure it will fit. To be sure that whichever foundation you buy will work, you should measure the height of any table leg supports as a final check.

Will My Umbrella Stand Require Additional Weight?

Additional weight might be needed, depending on the umbrella stand you choose. Some umbrella stands are empty containers that require sand, gravel, or concrete filling.

Umbrella stands that have been pre-filled are practical solutions, but shipping is more expensive because of their enormous weight. Lightweight umbrella stand shells are more affordable because they are more portable. It’s easy to fill the cover of an umbrella stand.

Water or sand, which one will be better for your umbrella stand? Learn more about it!


How Heavy Should My Patio Umbrella Base Be?

The width of your umbrella canopy multiplied by ten is a reasonable approach to establishing the minimum weight for your umbrella stand. For instance, we advise utilizing an 85-pound umbrella stand for an 8.5 feet umbrella, while an 11 feet umbrella will need at least a 110-pound umbrella stand.

How Heavy of A Base Do You Need for A 10-Foot Umbrella?

If compared to a patio umbrella table, an umbrella demands more weight. In most cases, 100 pounds or more is required.

What Is Heavier Sand or Water for Umbrella Base?

It is ideal for filling the base with wet sand to support heavier umbrellas, but doing so makes the umbrella considerably richer to carry and more challenging to empty; thus, it is not advised for people who want to move it regularly.

What Do You Use to Weigh Down A Patio Umbrella?

A weighted umbrella base might be the simplest way to weigh down your umbrella. You need to insert your umbrella into the base’s hole and tighten the bottom, so it fits tightly. Weighted stands called umbrella bases assist in keeping your umbrella steady, straight, and in position.


Your outdoor umbrellas are stable, thanks to patio umbrella bases. They stop umbrellas from falling over or toppling. It’s crucial to determine the proper weight before deciding on the material or design you like best.  We hope that this article is beneficial to you. What should you look for when buying a patio umbrella? Let’s know about this!

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