Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs – Guide In 2023

Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs

Having a pet animal at home can brighten up anyone’s stressful day! Cats vs Dogs has always been a popular argument. Cats and dogs seem like rivals to many. Sometimes a question may appear Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs?

Even though cats and dogs may seem chaotic together, they can also get along and prove to be buddies! If you are wondering if it is possible to have both a cat and a dog at home – this article will answer all your questions!

Cat or Dog – Which One Is A Better Pet?

Cat or DogWhich One Is A Better Pet

This is a difficult question to answer as it always comes down to your comfort and preference. Cats and dogs are both wonderful animals. They have their individual, unique traits and lifestyles.

Cats require less attention than dogs do even though you need to be cautious around both of them. Usually, cats like being alone and only interact with people when they need affection. Whereas, dogs are more sociable and love human interaction. Dogs are considered to be livelier than cats! You can even learn how to teach a dog to roll over! Dogs and cats also have different food habits. So, it is important to know your pet well before getting it.

Cats and dogs can also have many health issues that you should be aware of. Dogs can have autism, diabetes, and intolerance to lactose. Make sure to always do your research before getting a cat or a dog!

Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs?

Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs

The most frequently asked question among pet owners is “Why do cats hiss at dogs?” The answer may vary due to situations:

  • Predatory Instincts: Cats and dogs are both genetically wired as predatory animals. They traditionally chase and prey on smaller creatures. If your cat is smaller than your dog or the other way around, a clash might occur. Your fully grown cat may hiss at your puppy and create a ruckus!
  • Claiming Territory: If you don’t get your cats and dogs at the same time, this situation might occur. The pet you’ve had for a longer time might get used to being alone. If you bring in another pet at this point, the previous one might not deal well with it. Cats and dogs can both be aggressive and try to claim their territory!
  • Inability To Adjust: If your cat or dog gets too used to being the only pet, it might not react nicely when you bring another one home! Pets often don’t like to share their space, food, or affection. Cats and dogs can coexist, but getting along with each other might take some time!

How To Prevent Your Cat and Dog From Fighting

How To Prevent Your Cat and Dog From Fighting

Now that you have an idea of why cats hiss at dogs, you should know how to prevent it. There are many ways in which you can make your pets get along with each other!

  • Keep The Pets Separate: If you already have a dog at home, you should prioritize it when you bring a cat in. Keep the new pet in a separate room while you are going out to prevent any fights.
  • Gradually Introduce The Pets: After keeping the resident pet and the new one separate for a few days, it’s time to introduce them! Gradually let your pets discover each other’s scents and presence. Keep the pets in separate rooms during this process takes place. Let them be aware of each other’s sounds and activities.
  • Use Rewards: If your pets are behaving well in each other’s presence, reward them with treats or praise them. This should make them feel more positive towards each other.
  • Set A Barrier: Once they’re used to each other’s presence, allow them to see each other. Maintain a safe distance and let them observe. If this step goes well, you can move on to the next one!
  • Same Room: This is the point where you bring both of your inside the same room. Observe their behavior and separate them if a fight happens. If they both get along, reward them with treats. If you’re wondering “Can dogs have vanilla ice cream?” A lick or two of your vanilla cone will be an excellent treat for your dog!

By following these steps methodically, you should be able to control your cats and dogs!

Dogs You Should Avoid Bringing Around Cats

Dogs You Should Avoid Bringing Around Cats

Even though dogs and cats can coexist in peace, some dogs are hard to control. Experts have recommended not bring some specific breeds of dogs around cats as the situation might get dangerous. These breeds include – the Afghan hound, the smooth fox terrier, the Irish wolf-hound, the Greyhound, etc. These breeds are hunters by nature and have prominent predatory instincts. Some of these dogs were even used to prey on cats and critters. So, to ensure safety, you should avoid keeping your cat around these breeds of dogs!

Things To Maintain If You Have Cats and Dogs

Things To Maintain If You Have Cats and Dogs

  • Always keep both of your pets’ accessories, feeding bowls, and litter boxes separate.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to your cat’s essentials and the other way around!
  • Pay equal attention to both of your pets. Ensure that none of them feels neglected!
  • Try to gradually make your pets interact. Take things slow and be patient while dealing with the process.
  • You can perform activities mutually with your pets. Consider taking your cat and dog out on a walk or playing catch with them!
  • If your pets don’t like each other’s presence, don’t force them to interact and let them be!

The key to having dogs and cats as pets is utmost patience. Never lose your temper around your pets as it may worsen the situation or affect them negatively!


Both dogs and cats are amazing as pets and undoubtedly make your home a better place. Before getting any pet, make sure that you know about it enough. Get to know your pet’s food habits, health issues, and other important facts beforehand to avoid any unpleasant situation. Always treat your pets with love and care because they deserve it!


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